Good RTS Multilplayer Demos?

Hey everyone, we do a weekly game night where I work and it’s my turn to come up with a game to setup. I was thinking of setting up a team based real time strategy tournament (teams of 2 vs. 2) since the passed few game nights have all been first person shooters.

Can anyone recommend any good real time strategy multiplayer demo’s. I was looking at Supreme Commander though I’m concerned that matches may end up lasting too long for a good tournament. Compay of Heroes was my top choice though it only looks like there is only a single player demo.

The basic requirements are:

  • Must be fun!
  • Must be fairly accessible from the start.
  • Relatively quick matches (20-30 minutes tops would be ideal, since it’s a tournament style setup).

Any suggestions?

Command & Conquer 3, though whether or not it satisfies the first criteria is extremely debatable.

EDIT: Wait, demo software? Uh, yeah.

Company of Heroes doesn’t have a demo, but you can split the $30 to buy a copy and install it on all the machines.

There was a recent 1.8 GB patch that you might be required to install in order to play a LAN game, but I don’t think so. It’s totally worth it – the game is a blast, even if you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. You can download the demo to check it out, and I bet you’ll want to pick up a copy.

I know you wanted a demo suggestion, but it looks like all the good RTS games of the last couple of years lack multiplayer demos (burn on C&C, I guess).

Multiplayer SupCom matches generally don’t take very long. 2 v 2 tournaments are held regularly on GPGnet. Game replays average around 30 minutes with the range going from 1min 29secs (???) to 61mins 41sec.

Isn’t the demo map the 1 vs 1 island map, or does it handle 2 vs. 2 (or larger sized teams)?

Actually yeah, it is a 1v1 map in the demo.

World in Conflict comes with a 10-day free multiplayer disk for a second account in each box if that’s of interest. Otherwise look for older titles like Earth 2150, that come with LAN spawn installs if you’re short on budget and/or commitment.

Dawn of War. I think.

I think the Kohan 2 demo had multiplayer and it’s a great game.