Good scam I think

Couple looses their phone on McDonalds, they call the people and ask them to take care of their phone until they can get it.

Suddenly naked pics that was found on teh intarweb of the wife in question with full name and stuff.
And now they sue it them for 3 mill for ‘damages’

What a solid scam, if you were like 6 year old.
Even if they found the pics, how would they know the name, my phone doesn’t have my name on it anywhere, as I obviously have little need to call myself :)

I wonder what this will settle for :)

My phone has my name on it (digitally), lots of phones do.

The story does seem pretty fishy though and even if absolutely true I don’t think the lawsuit has much merit anyway.

If they can prove that the images were specifically posted by identifiable employees at that McDonald’s location, with hard evidence, then they’re golden. If they can’t, well, maybe they can win over enough of the jurors with a big enough sob story…