Good single player FPS?

Can anyone recommend a FPS game with good eye candy and at least a decent single player experience? I want to push my new gaming rig a little and see how it does. With the exception of Painkiller and Battlefield 2 I haven’t played any FPS games for years so pretty much anything is an option.

Good Dog

Fear has good combat and pretty hardcore graphics. Boring environments and only so-so with the horror stuff, though.

FEAR can tax your system, though the best thing about it is the combat.

Call of Duty 2 is pretty good all-around - a bit railroady at times, but still fun. Still some of the best smoke I’ve ever seen in an FPS. Admittedly the engine is really smooth and won’t tax your system too much.

There’s always Oblivion, that’s an FPS… kinda. You can also pick up Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter this week, that will be taxing.

— Alan

To be honest, the FPS scene appears to have been drying up recently.

If you haven’t played it, I would recommend Half-Life 2. With a good rig the game is beautiful, the story is compelling, and the single player game has some brilliant moments (like the big strider battle).

I intend to reinstall Farcry ever since I just recently upgraded my video card.

Well, in terms of eye-candy, there’s Half-life 2, FEAR, Call of Duty 2, Far Cry, GRAW, Oblivion, Doom 3, Quake IV.

??? In what sense? Seems like there are still plenty of FPSs out there to me.

Quake 4 is classic dumb shootin’ fun with some -stunning- visuals, though the quality of the experience is endlessly contested, I really dug it. Always a new weapon, upgrade, or enemy type at every turn keeping the campaign less hollow than say…FEAR. (Which very well may be something you’d enjoy moreso than I did)

Call of Duty 2 is also an easy recommendation.

I found Doom 3 and Quake 4 to be “meh” at best, but I loved Far Cry, FEAR and Half-Life 2. Call of Duty 2 also had some great moments.

There is something I’m just not getting about Far Cry. I’m a big FPS fan, but I played the game for about 2 hours before shelving it for good. I’m thinking I’ll have to go back and try it again, and see what happens.

Erik J.

You’re not alone, big FPS player who felt a big MEH about Farcry.

Yeah, Far Cry sucked.

FEAR is a good suggestion.

While some here may disagree, I’ll pimp Condemned too. Also very pretty, story is bullshit, but it’s one of those rare genuinely scary horror games. Unlike FEAR.

Half-Life 2 is still the game I first turn to for system tests. I just got a new card last week, and one of the first things I loaded up was the Lost Coast level to see all that fancy HDR stuff in action.

I’m surprised no one here has mentioned Riddick yet. Go play that. Now.

And while it may not really push your rig, I highly recommend Tribes: Vengeance. Great story, and though it can feel a bit multiplayer-tutorialish in some of the early parts of the game, it’s a great ride throughout.

Thirded. Though not a “big” FPS player, I liked Half-Life, Serious Sam, etc., but thought Farcry was bleh.

You are all insane.

To be honest, the FPS scene appears to have been drying up recently.

Good. We need a reboot.

Far Cry was pretty good, I thought. I stopped playing when all the crazy beasts showed up, though. The ending sucked.

Though for a few levels there, is was bliss. Slowing approaching a series of docks from the sea, putting a round into a guard who is having a smoke, swimming under a dock to a white sandy beach, stealing a boat and gunning down the shore . . . that was neat, I thought.

Far Cry, until the part you’re thrown out of a helicopter the 2nd time armed with your gun and like 3 bullets. Then either a) consider the game finished, uninstall it, and never play it again, or b) start over at a harder difficulty to enjoy the harder fights. Get to the point mentioned above. When you run out of harder difficulties, see a).

F.E.A.R. Stupid environments. D-grade X-files garbage storyline. Good combats, even if the level architecture is obviously built around the A.I. strengths.

Quake 4. Pure old school unpretentious run and gun.

SWAT 4. Irrational did Tribes no favors, but they picked up the mortibund SWAT franchise and ran with it.

Far Cry is probably the best FPS since the original Half-Life. Make that definitely.

If true, that is a pretty sad statement of the state of FPS games in recent years. Maybe the genra needs a rest for a while. There was a good few years when the RTS genra was nothing but bad RTS after bad RTS. KKND anyone? Maybe its that time for FPS games.

Well, to be fair, KKND while bad in many, many ways, had two things going for it:

a) An AI that was far smarter than anything else around, crippled by the designers crappy idea of good troop choices.

b) Genuinely funny mission briefings (no, not the voice briefing, the text running next to it).

For me, the RTS genre died for a few years while moving from 2D to 3D. Jesus did it take them a long time to figure out absolutely no one wanted to play camera war.