Good single player FPS?

It was in that time when nearly all the RTS’s had two factions that actually were identical except for graphics, and brought absolutely nothing new to the game play table. There was another one out about the same time that featured organic aliens (that were spit out of some kind of pod thingy), and a technical race that built bases around these hubs. There were these volcano things you got resources from. Then there was this 3d game that looked cool with the 3d perspective, but beyond that was totally mundane. There were others too, but I can’t remember much, if anything about them.

Fuck FarCry

Best FPS I played in recent years was Tron 2.0. They really nailed the setting and the look.

Does Chronicles of Riddick count as recent enough or taxing enough? Of all the shooters I’ve played in the last few years, I enjoyed that and COD2 (on the Xbox 360) the most. Far Cry bored me instantly, Half Life 2 was good for a while but also bored me. Some levels just went on way too long and I stopped caring about the game as a whole roughly 2/3rd’s of the way through.

Not 100% FPS material, but what about the latest Splinter Cell or Thief games? X3: The Reunion is great for showing off the graphics, but not sure what else you might dig about it.

I also second Oblivion, it’s set up like a 1st person shooter, unbelievable graphics (especially once you tweak the settings), and a lot of fun.

Oh come, Farcry was Allright.

On my 360.

Anyways, may I suggest waiting a tad longer, and upgrading to Windows Vista? Then, go grab Halo 2. Its fun, single-player, as long as you aren’t looking for a great ending.

I think it’s a shame that Black isn’t available on PC. I’d buy it again so I could play it with a mouse and keyboard as the good lord intended.

Just out of interest: how do you conclude that the ending sucked if you stopped playing when the trigens turned up? :)

I’d go with half-life 2 it does have very good graphics and a strong story line. Put the two together and you end up with more “cinematic” scenes than I’ve seen in any other game.

It’ll never happen; Alex Ward hates PC gaming.

He’s a doof. Not that Black would be a guaranteed money-making PC port, but at least he’d have a game that didn’t bog down every time you’re not in a narrow corridor of buildings.

Though many have said it, FEAR is my choice from the last year or so.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter comes out tomorrow, and if you preorder from Direct2Drive you can get a free copy of either Far Cry (which is a must have in its own right) or Prince of Persia Warrior Within.

I love digital distribution.

As mentioned numerous times above, you can’t go wrong with Half-Life 2. FEAR and Far Cry definitely have the visuals, but the gameplay is sort of tedious. TRON 2.0 has more interesting gameplay and strong visuals, but it won’t exactly tax your system. Also, props to Irrational for SWAT 4, although its real strength is coop multiplayer.

Does Oblivion count as a FPS game?

  • Alan

I love and hate SWAT 4. I’m still stuck on the one mission at the diamond exchange (IIRC). It has great moments, but it also has amazingly frustrating ones. I love it when my teammates stun grenade me because they can’t throw further than 18 inches, or when they decide to take the long route for no reason and walk into the enemy. I’ve found that I can either do the entire level myself or spend the entire level trying to get my idiot squad members to do anything right. Plus the fact I can’t shoot someone who is running right at me with a gun until they actually raise it, well that’s just stupid. After shouting “stop, put your hands up” a few times if a guy runs directly at me with his weapon still in hand I should be able to put him down without a penalty. Having to do levels over and over and over and over and over because your dumbass squad mates keep getting themselves (and me) killed, or because I lost points shooting a bad guy who was running at me with a shotgun, that’s not fun.

Thrag: FWIW, I found the SWAT 4 expansion’s missions to be more enjoyable and less frustrating than the later missions of the original, in no small part because the friendly AI is way more competent at their jobs, as I’ve stated before. Too bad they didn’t patch the AI improvements into the original game…

Also, minor hint: you can shoot the non-lethal weapons indiscriminately (without it being considered “unauthorized force,” that is), which is what I ended up doing a lot in the original game.

I concur with the SWAT 4 recommendations, especially with the expansion pack, although it isn’t exactly a graphics powerhouse.

I always found it amusing to pack a paintball gun as my primary and a deagle as my secondary.

Swat 4 is also fun to play co-op online with some friends. It’s always fun to tazer an unsuspecting buddy in the back and watch them shake like a crack fiend needing a fix.

I’ve been playing FEAR recently. Very satisfying combat but crappy storyline. Great aha moment when I got the nailgun for the first time and found I could pin enemies to the walls in all sorts of funny poses. Apparently, they also released the source code for the game with the latest patch, 1.04 .

I’ve heard that and I’ve had an eye on the expansion. I figure I’ll get it during the inevitable summer lull in releases.

I do have to bite bullet and turn the difficulty down for that one mission. From what I’ve read it is the hardest one in the game.

Besides the obvious HL2…which really is a fine shooter, Quake 4 was a very big surprise for me. While maybe a bit on the short side and some vanilla like play at times, it was surprisingly fun and a good well balanced shooter.

I was expecting a Doom 3 dark tunnel sim and got quite a few hours of rollicking gameplay.

I don’t know how it hasn’t been mentioned, but Unreal Tournament 2004 is still one of the best sit-down-and-shoot-bots games ever. Very balanced, good AI, great maps, tons of mods, and the DVD version (much better than a bunch of CDs) will only run you like $20 after shipping from GoGamer (QT3 link).