Good site for laptop/netbook components?

So, the power jack (wherein the AC adapter is plugged) in my EeePC 1000HE has worn to the point that it doesn’t make electrical contact with AC adapters anymore (I thought it was the adapter at first and bought a new one with no success). The netbook is just out of warranty, so Asus wants to charge me for labor and crap.

Naturally I want to order the part and do the work myself instead, since I have the requisite equipment and electronics experience and it would be stupid to pay $100 to $150 to repair a laptop that cost $375 new, but I am having trouble finding a place to buy a new jack separately. Local computer shops have been less than helpful (and a couple of cases, less than polite) once they realize I don’t want to pay them to do the work. Anyone know some good sites where I could find a component that specific?

I am going to answer your question in a way you didn’t ask for: i have had this happen to a few laptops, and know a guy that fixes it. it has always been a resoldering of the jack onto the motherboard. i dont personally feel comfortable attempting it, but it sounds like something you might be able to do. so, no, i can’t tell you where to get the part, but go ahead and open the machine up and see if the soldering has broken free at the site and you may be able to fix it without a part purchase. hope this helps!

Holy crap. There’s a web site just for laptop power jacks.

Holy crap indeed. Thanks, zombo!

This is also good to know. I shall check it out and report back!