Good Summer for kid's movies and DVDs

Read a good review of Stuart Little 2 today. My daughter and I enjoyed the first one on cable. It has been a fairly good summer for kid’s movies this year both in the theaters and on DVD/VHS.

I rented Jimmy Neutron last weekend for my daughter and she liked it quite a bit so I bought the DVD last night. My favorite character is Sean. The peeing in the shower bit is hilarious. The egg yolk aliens are a hoot too.


“Stewart Little 2” absolutely magnificent,

“Lilo And Stitch”: boring, wannabe “hip, cool and edgy”, thinly veiled “Iron Giant” rip-off. Some good ideas, but mostly a mess. Not even as good as “The Emperor’s New Groove”

“Powerpuff Girls”: should have been better, but was still enjoyable. Mojo Jojo still rules.

“Spirit”: Looked good, but sort of a braindead retelling of “Dances With Wolves”. Just like that movie, they supposed again that the Lakota were “peaceful” but history says different. Most historians will tell you that the Pawnee were the peaceful tribe in that area at that time. Also the director said he wanted to find an artist who sounded “American” and who sounds more “American” than Canadian Bryan Adams?!?! (yeah, I know Canada is technically in America, ut I’m not sure the director knew THAT either) A better choice wouild have been Tom Petty, or even dare I say, (don’t shoot please) Garth Brooks.