Good tablet games (That are interesting)(And doesnt fleece you)

World of Goo
Star Realms
Three Kingdoms - The Last Warlord (ROTK clone)
Football Manager (although I have 2018 and haven’t kept up with anything since then)
Lone Wolf Saga or Kai Chronicles (both are ways to play all the old Lone Wolf game books)

Another vote for Star Traders: Frontiers here, it plays really well on my Tab S3 and would seem to tick your criteria boxes.

Beamdog games - Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 EE, Icewind Dale EE, Planescape Torment EE.

Knights of the old Republic is also a classic.

There are tons on iOS. I think it’s just that there’s no viable market for premium games on Android, and real boardgames work best as premium games (though some do a kind of freemium thing, like Pathfinder ACG or TTR).

I had no idea such a disparity in that genre existed between the two platforms.

I’m going to be honest, nor did I? I’ve paid for plenty of Android titles. Why are the premium games iOS only?

Low expected sales vs cost of porting on Android. Basically on iOS many more premium games are sold (not that it’s an easy market, but it is a market).

Rampant piracy and the fact that Android tablets are disproportionately sold to “cheapskates”, globally.

I mean, iOS has the overwhelming share of the GLOBAL tablet market, like over 70% share. By sheer numbers, that would make it have MORE cheapskates in quantity. But yeah, some folks only want to lay out $150 for a tablet or even less. I could see where that market segment might be penny pinching.

I think that speaks more to what Juan said about cost to port and sales, meaning a much smaller Android tablet market segment isn’t going to return that much.

The vast majority of iOS boardgames are also on Android. For example, these are all on Android:

Ticket to Ride
Terra mystica
Shards of infinity
Star realms
Cthulhu realms
Through the ages
Elder sign
Seven wonders
Twilight struggle
Eldritch horror (unofficial, Android exclusive)
Galaxy trucker
Tigris and Euphratea
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Burgle bros
Isle of skye
San Juan
Puerto Rico (unofficial)
Le Havre inland port
Agricola all creatures great and small
Modern Art
Lords of Waterdeep
Eight minute empire
Tides of time
Mystic vale
Small world
Neuroshima hex
Castles of Burgundy
Mr Jack pocket
Cottage garden
Indian summer
Bohnanza duel
Axis and allies (unofficial, android exclusive?)
Fort Sumter
Zulus on the ramparts
Colt express
Legends of Andor
Kingdom builder
Castles of mad king ludwig
One Deck Dungeon

… plus pretty much every traditional game (chess, go, backgammon, bridge, etc)

Whaaaaat!?! Please tell me that’s a port of the old Hasbro PC game. I’m all over that if so. What better way to spend a 2 1/2 hour flight.

I haven’t played the PC version, but this is a port of the original Hasbro (technically, Milton Brothers) boardgame.

It’s actually a decent port:

Man I’m all over that. Way back in my pre-internet life I was a card and board game player in a group of misfits. Weren’t we all? Though we played some much more serious titles as well, A&A held a special place as a beer and pretzels style game where we tried every strategy under the sun and had a million different house rules and/or winning conditions we set. I’ve played several hundred games of it as a board game, probably more by myself using that old Hasbro PC game. Sadly the AI in the PC game was mediocre.

Still fun for a single-session game like that.

Great thread - I use my iPad for browsing, playing a couple of word games and reading so it seems like a good idea to grab a two or three really good games for the funz. I know these games aren’t that expensive but being… uh… thrifty, I’m curious: do these things still go on sale periodically? Or should I just knuckle under and spend my $2, $5, or $10 on a couple of games?

Can only comment on Android, but Google play occassionally has price drops on games. If the game looks interesting add it to your Google Play wishlist, I don’t think it has a notification function but I just check the wishlist every week or so to catch those bargains. I’d assume Apple would have something equivalent.

There are websites which track discounts.

For Android I know of no other than this one:

Are there others?

Edit: I guess there’s this one also (I have it as an app, didn’t know it was a website :P)

Bad North just came out on Android.
Elder Scrolls: Legends has a great Android version.

For iOS, Asmodee games go very often on sale on batch, much more rarely their DLCs.
Other games usually go on sale a couple of times a year. Notably, 2K’s games get crazy discount around the end of year time.
Trese Bros games don’t go that often on sale, and at a lesser discount… but since I got their releases, I don’t know the situation the last couple of years.