Good Virus checker that can go on a usb stick and work on isolated computer

So we did have some kind of virus on our 3 office computers. On our Windows 7 machine, I went with the route of doing Windows repair on it. On my own Windows 10 machine, I went with windows repair, and it worked, the virus symptoms are gone now, but it was a pain in the ass, I’ll have to re-install a bunch of stuff.

This leaves our main server machine that I disconnected early yesterday from the others. I could re-install windows, and then try to re-install software on it, but I was hoping for some other solution. Is there a really good virus checker out there I could download to my machine, put it on a USB stick and take it over to that machine and dig out this trojan or virus or whatever it was? I think it originally was on our machines through a phishing email that someone clicked on a month ago, but symptoms didn’t show up on our machines until yesterday.

Edit: I’m also trying to just call local IT firms, but none so far can send someone until next week, everyone is so busy.

Also, I should mention that ESET online scanner found nothing, and Windows Defender, even in offline mode, found nothing. On the two machines that I reset windows on, AVG boot scan found some stuff but didn’t get rid of the problems.

I’ve had good luck with bootable Kapersky USBs in the past.

I have only used ESET and Kaspersky USBs. Its a problem if they are not identifying anything when scanning - do you have any idea what sort of malware it is?

Hmmmm, I had an IT professional in the area come in, and he tested the remaining machine and couldn’t find any viruses either or anything that could have caused yesterday’s slowdowns.

We connected back to the internet and everything seems to be working fine now.

So maybe me getting rid of bad files on Computers 1 and 3 fixed the network even for computer 2? Hmmm.

I mean, “Windows 7 machine” doesn’t exactly suggest speedy. And it’s been out of support for four years now.

Yeah, Windows 7 stopped getting security updates in 2020. Kind of a vulnerability right there.

The last time I did any hardcore anti-virus stuff was back in the late 2000’s, you know, when Windows 7 was around, using a boot iso of Knoppix STD.

Btw, thought I’d pop in and note, I had one computer separate that wasn’t affected at all, which confused me. And then I realized, the 3 computers having trouble connecting to the internet were all going through the same Gigabit switch. I hadn’t thought about that Switch in years. I think last time I reset it was back in 2016.

Resetting the switch got rid of connection problems. So it wasn’t a virus after all! Just really weird symptoms thanks to that switch. We replaced it. Everything is fine now.

Try a completely full scan by Malwarebytes.

I thought Kaspersky was blacklisted due to being based out of Russia?

It’s been a few years now, but the one time I actually did have a crippling virus, Malwarebytes really did save my ass when nothing else was able to do anything. A full scan (in Safe Mode IIRC) identified the virus, and their website gave detailed instructions on removing it. It was a rather long and involved process, but it worked. And this was the free version.