Good ways to get organized

So my wife and I need to share a to do list and calendar. Between us we have an IPhone, a Droid, an IPad, a MacBook, two other laptops, a pad of paper and pen on the refrigerator, and of course text messaging.

So far it’s hit or miss with the pad of paper doing most of the work, or the twomof us refering to emails. But in the end, I have my to do list and she has hers. How do we combine all this stuff electronically? Google Mail, Documents, and Calendar do some things, but not on all platforms. Is there some super app common to the Droid, IPhone, and IPad?

Things it would be nice to have, all integrated. Ideally some kind of multi account integration as well (such as me synching my google calendar and my wife’s, combining them):

A common To Do list. Would be nice to have “assigned to” so that “fix leak in downstairs faucet” could be assigned to my wife and “go grocery shopping” can be assigned to me. Synched to all devices.

A common “notes” section. This should be quick to access. So ethnic like Notes on the IPhone but synched all up between devices. Technically a Google Doc can do this but it’s slow to load everything just to jot down a quick note.

Really, this question is “how do you stay organized with your family?”. I’m only suggesting these technical solutions because hey, why not in the age of the smartphone? Technically this kind of organization could apply to a workplace or any other organization as well.

A common calendar. All birthdays, anniversaries, special events, parties, vacations, etc go on one list, synched to all devices.

Been trying out some note software recently.

Evernote will work on apple devices, I understand.

I’ve used the PC and android. The interface is decent but the “pro version” that allows offline access is expensive. I found out when I was in the subway and unable to access my notes. They want me to pay for X/month just for that?

Springpad has a nice simple mobile client. Click +, add the note, etc. What I didn’t like is the lack of a PC client. It has a web client instead which has a horrible interface.

Wunderlist is free too. is a contender. Gets some use chez nous. Hotmail calendar is fine for us.