Good wireless gaming headsets with similar soundstage as Sennheiser HD 5X5 series?


I’ve been using Sennheiser hi-fi headphones for probably close to 20 years now. My current HD595’s are getting a bit long in the tooth (casing is cracked all over, although the sound is still superb) and I’m looking for a potential replacement with a built in mic - in the past few years I’ve been moving increasingly closer to a full wireless setup and was thinking of doing the same with headphones, provided the soundstage quality would be similar to what I have now.

Unfortunately the country where I reside has a limited selection of high end products, especially when it comes to Sennheiser :(, so I’m forced to look at alternatives.

My main criteria when buying a new headset would therefore be:

  • wireless (bluetooth or dedicated receiver, does not matter)
  • chargeable (dock or USB, doesn’t matter)
  • good soundstage with notable med frequencies (geared towards music)
  • good quality mic included in the headset
  • not a Razer or Logitech product (terrible build quality in my experience)
  • full stereo - 5.1 and 7.1 are complete gimmicks and I do not want them
  • good positional accuracy for first person games (on my current 2.0 headphones I can tell exactly where the sound is coming from, and this is with an onboard soundcard)
  • open (noise cancellation is not important)
  • conservative bass, appropriate for listening to music

Any recommendations?

If you find an open wireless one let me know. I have had zero luck. I vastly prefer those. I don’t think there even are any proper ones due to the wireless tech taking up space in the headset. That’s why I use cables on PC right now but a wireless for the XBox would be ace. So I am listening in on this.

The headset I use for my XBox is the Arctis 7x.

It sounds good, although I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a super audiophile, so I may just have crappy ears.

It’s comfortable though, has a good mic, good controls, very good build quality, and a long battery life.

(Oh, I just saw that you wanted open headphones, so that isn’t a great fit… they may have open ones though?)

That’s what I have. Zero complaints here. I use the one for PC.

I would look on Drop for this.