Good wireless gaming headsets with similar soundstage as Sennheiser HD 5X5 series?


I’ve been using Sennheiser hi-fi headphones for probably close to 20 years now. My current HD595’s are getting a bit long in the tooth (casing is cracked all over, although the sound is still superb) and I’m looking for a potential replacement with a built in mic - in the past few years I’ve been moving increasingly closer to a full wireless setup and was thinking of doing the same with headphones, provided the soundstage quality would be similar to what I have now.

Unfortunately the country where I reside has a limited selection of high end products, especially when it comes to Sennheiser :(, so I’m forced to look at alternatives.

My main criteria when buying a new headset would therefore be:

  • wireless (bluetooth or dedicated receiver, does not matter)
  • chargeable (dock or USB, doesn’t matter)
  • good soundstage with notable med frequencies (geared towards music)
  • good quality mic included in the headset
  • not a Razer or Logitech product (terrible build quality in my experience)
  • full stereo - 5.1 and 7.1 are complete gimmicks and I do not want them
  • good positional accuracy for first person games (on my current 2.0 headphones I can tell exactly where the sound is coming from, and this is with an onboard soundcard)
  • open (noise cancellation is not important)
  • conservative bass, appropriate for listening to music

Any recommendations?

If you find an open wireless one let me know. I have had zero luck. I vastly prefer those. I don’t think there even are any proper ones due to the wireless tech taking up space in the headset. That’s why I use cables on PC right now but a wireless for the XBox would be ace. So I am listening in on this.

The headset I use for my XBox is the Arctis 7x.

It sounds good, although I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a super audiophile, so I may just have crappy ears.

It’s comfortable though, has a good mic, good controls, very good build quality, and a long battery life.

(Oh, I just saw that you wanted open headphones, so that isn’t a great fit… they may have open ones though?)

That’s what I have. Zero complaints here. I use the one for PC.

I would look on Drop for this.

@timex and @Navaronegun - how long have you had the Arctis 7x? I think I got my HyperX Cloud Flight headset right around the beginning of the pandemic, and the past week or so the battery is no longer able to last more than 4 hours or so before it is drained. So I guess it is about time to find a replacement.

4 or 5 years. Battery is also still in top condition

So my wonderful audiophile kid talked me into upgrading from my “atrocious” Corsair Void X Pro to a Steelseries Arctis Nova 7X over the holidays. I have to confess noticing a very real improvement in sound even with my comparatively pathetic ears. I also have to admit I like being able to turn down the music in a game and focus more on my Discord chat with the simple nudge of a wheel on the headset (one direction for adjusting volume on the talking channel, the other direction for the game channel and a notched stopping point in the middle).

That said, it has the oddest behavior in that I need to disconnect it from the USB in order to turn it on when I power my PC back up. Works like a champ, but I really wish I could figure out the setting I need to tweak for that.

Do you mean the headphone fails to wake up when you wake your computer up from suspend?

Except I don’t use suspend, lol.

Okay try another port, maybe during startup there’s too much power being used.

Huh. Interesting concept. Just crazy enough that it might work, lol.

edit - You’re a genius, @wisefool!

I now have zero complaints about these. Comfy, great sound, AND I don’t need to unplug to power on, lol.

I’m currently using the Artic Novis Pro.

Great reviews, feels like a step up from my Turtle Beach Stealth 700 (not exact name but close.)

Oh hey, I have the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for use with my PS5 and it is freakin’ amazing. I also connect it via Bluetooth to my TV/Fire TV for watching movies (primarily loud action ones) and the sound is incredible. I’m not an audiophile, but I have no complaints.

Only complaint is that the OLED base station doesn’t turn off when the PS5 is in rest mode. I have to disconnect the USB cable when I’m done, otherwise it would be on all the time.

I’m shopping for wireless gaming headphones for my PC (I currently have none and have never had a good set of headphones). I think I have narrowed it down to the Logitech G733 Lightspeed and the Steelseries Arctis Nova 7.

Logitech G733: I already have a Logitech G mouse and keyboard, which I like. The G733 appears to be very lightweight (for more comfort), is about $30 cheaper than the Steelseries Arctic Nova 7, and has a small compact USB-A dongle. The G733 has pointless RGB that will reduce battery life, so I would want to use the G Hub software to turn it off (my M+K work fine without G Hub).

Steelseries Arctis Nova 7: These are more expensive and heavier, but are overall nicer looking with no RGB. The USB-C dongle is awkwardly T-shaped so I’d have to use the USB-A extension cable with it on my PC, which adds annoying clutter. I’m sure I’d also have to use the Steelseries software to configure any settings.

Lots of folks here seem to like the Arctis Nova 7s. Does anyone have the Logitech G733s?

I have wired Actis Nova Pro’s. I think the main difference is that the pro comes w/ a USB AMP.

They are awesome BUT I hated the stock earpads. I dropped $30 on replacement ear cushions and now I love wearing them.

I have the Logitech G935 which has that wireless usb-a dongle but had to stop using it wirelessly because the damn thing kept disconnecting and reconnecting after a time. RBG on it is pretty pointless for a solo gamer not streaming. I use it wired just because it still delivers decent sound but I’ll not get Logitech headphones again.

I went with the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless and love everything about them. Connect nicely to everything, bluetooth or via the 2.4 GHz box connected via USB. Love the hotswap battery packs. More expensive than perhaps you are seeking, but the quality is unmistakable. I’d get Steelseries over Logitech headphones in every case.

[Edit] Looks like I already espoused my love of Steelseries a while ago in this thread.

Family member has the G935 as well and preferred that to the 733, but prefers my Arctis Nova 7X over both. I never tried the G733, but did test-run the G935 so my comparison is based upon that.


  • Both are comfy
  • Bass is more robust in the Arctis Nova 7X
  • Chat slider is surprisingly handy when gaming with friends
  • Battery life holds up well when using wirelessly


  • I’ve occasionally had to unplug the headset to get it to turn on/register; seems to be a firmware/software issue. Enabling fast startup on my PC has greatly reduced how often I’ve had to do that, but it still occurs from time to time.
  • It’s pricey, but the extra cash feels worth it as a one-off expense.

What it isn’t: 50% better (approximate price difference over the G733) than the G935, which is perfectly “fine”
What it is: absolutely $50+ better than the G935 when compared to the overall investment in my gaming system

I appreciate the feedback/suggestions. I did some more digging and realized it would make sense to get a headset that could work for more than just the PC, so I went further down the rabbit hole and now I’m looking at the Logitech G Pro X2 Lightspeed.

The Steelseries Arctis Nova 7 would probably be good enough, but the Pro X2 looks more comfortable and seems to be universally praised except for the mediocre mic (which is not a priority for me). Of course it’s more $$$, but I haven’t splurged in a while so YOLO and all that. Still mulling it over.

Was going to suggest Astro in that price range, but didn’t realize logi had bought them some years back.