Good WoW server to re-Roll a Character

Looking for a good server to re-roll a new character, Alliance or horde either one. Currently playing on Uldum; but as far as guilds go it blows ass.

MOONRUNNER! Seriously, we have a bit of a guild on there. Send me a tell (Seeknay) and I’ll add you and float a few gold down your way to get things started.

Horde or Alliance???

Alliance PvE. I can’t speak to the queues anymore but I remember it being the higher-pop side.

There hasn’t been a queueueueue on Moonrunner (Alliance/PvE) for quite some time now.

Yes, the Drop Bears guild is still (quite) active there- Of course, a lot of the people who play a lot are getting ever closer to 60, but I’d say that a majority of us also have alts that we play as well.

Thanks to a few of the more industrious members, there’s now an alliance of sorts between us and another guild, so we’re beginning to tackle some of the end-game raids… and it’s quite a bit of fun despite taking up hours and hours of time.

We’d love to see the folks who bailed during the holiday queues and whatnot, because there’s definately a solid group of players within the guild, and it’s not looking like that will change any time soon.

…And anyone who is looking to start anew, or just starting altogether, look us up on Moonrunner(Alliance), and get in touch. Do a /who Drop Bears and send us a /tell. When I’m on, I’m on as Fygar, Atouk, or Daktaklakpak.

Drop Bears needs to open up a horde chapter. Too many gnomes, man.

Sorry, my last server didn’t have login queues either. I was referring to BG queues. I get my kicks from PvP, and my PvP server wasn’t delivering. This morning I played some Planetside and it was sooooo good.

Gnomes are great - because there’s less of them to draw, they’re great for high FPS.

Stroker, Is there any server that doesn’t have (login) queue’s, PvP or PvE, that the BG’s are running 24/7? I know Moonrunner doesn’t have all BG’s busy all the time, but until Blizzard makes the cross-server BG changes that they’ve stated they’re working on forever, I doubt you’ll find a perfect medium in there.

As for a Moonrunner/Horde side, there are several people within the Alliance guild who’re playing Horde alts, but I’m not sure to what extent other than for BG’s… It’s certainly not an organized guild thing.

Actually gnomes are my favorite toons after Tauren. But, up with horde! barrens forever! and all that.

Ok, I was just pissing on WoW. Moonrunner is just as queueful as the rest of them :P

how many QT3 players in DB?

I don’t really know the specific numbers, but it’s probably a 40/30/30 split between Qt3’ers, friends/acquaintances of Qt3’ers, and “others” (mostly, those are people who’ve grouped with us and found us to be a decent guild, and vice-versa, they weren’t jerks).

Drop Bears crappy homepage.

Drop Bears roster page.

The post-xmas queues and Oblivion have taken a toll on our nightly attendance, but we still have plenty of people logging on every night.

A few of us are levelling alts now, so there’s usually people of lower levels on.

The PvE server I’m currently on (Khaz Modan) usually doesn’t have more than one AV a night. Period. Two during the weekend. Arathi Basin maybe once a night, if you log on before 8PM server time. Warsong Gulch tends to be the best bet – two, maybe three matches a night. But WSG, being so small, gets kind of boring pretty fast. I’ve started passing it up because it was no longer worth it to me to crawl all the way back to where I’d been questing.

Interestingly, though, I went from Neutral to Friendly with the AV faction in only two matches, both of which we won. I lost count of how many WSGs I’ve run, and I’m still only about 70% of my way to friendly. Apparently there are things you can do within an AV match to gain rep, but the action is so relentless that it’s impossible to keep track of anything except for the enemy you’re currently targeting.

Illidan. Join Serenity Now.


I don’t play on Illidan.

Nope, it’s Moonrunner or bust!

A few of us are levelling alts now, so there’s usually people of lower levels on.

Some of us are even leveling mains who are low levels :) At any rate there are always people willing to help out/play with whatever your level.