Good WYSIWYG web design software?

I think it’s time I retire my super old version of Frontpage and get with the times. I suck at writing html from scratch so I need a good wysiwyg program. Free would be great - LOL. I know Adobe Dreamweaver would top the list, but I can’t spend that kind of money on a web package.

Thanks! :)


actually, i asked this same question a while back, let’s see if i can find the thread where someone answered me.

Serif WebPlus it looks like, $69.99 from

I still recommend this.

seriously? it looks like one of those placeholder domain squatting sites.

Oh rei, you are such a joker.

rei - I’m trying to use this but it won’t let me open my current website. When you go to “open website” its looking for something with a .vnu extension. Do you know how I’d do this?

I use RapidWeaver and love it. Come to the Mac side. We have cookies.

Sorry, I can’t offer first-hand experience with Coffeecup.

It’s probably outdated but Nvu still appears to be free.

RapidWeaver looks pretty great.

I haven’t tried Coffeecup or WYSIWYGwebbuilder, but Serif WebPlus was recently updated to X4 and still works great for the non-coding set.

The only downsides to Serif is that they don’t offer a demo, and the company is a marketing butt-monkey that plays with promo codes all the time. It’s $100 at their site, but I used this code to get the latest version for $40: WPX4E134. You can also call them and haggle for a lower price. It’s a completely ridiculous company that has a lot of great products that would sell better if they knew what the hell they were doing.