Goodbye, Aliens: Colonial Marines


Universe at War is no longer available on Steam? It must have been the GFWL thing it was yoked with. I really enjoyed UaW even though it wasn’t a particularly sophisticated RTS. Many concepts from the game seem to have worked their way into Grey Goo (perhaps the least appealing game name i’ve ever heard). It also had a great soundtrack.


Good news for masochists! Colonial Marines is back up!


Well now I don’t want it anymore.


Just remember, today’s collector’s item is tomorrow’s annoying chore for your children after you die.


Jeeze, the hundreds of copies I picked up from Amazon to sell as collector’s editions are worthless now! Worthless! GABEN RUINED MY LIFE!



Typical, put back the shitty one and leave off the half-decent one?


Colonial Marines is fine on the PC.


Aside from being a shitty game, I guess it’s fine.


I couldn’t find a official thread for this game, so I’ll leave this here.

AI Mod to try and salvage the game.


LOL Gearbox.


Wonder how the mod, with the spelling fix added will make the game play.

I’ll give it a try this weekend hopefully.


“Why is our AI so terrible?”

We can’t figure it out, boss. It should work!

Has anyone bothered to check for a single goddamned spelling error in the goddamn .ini file???


thanks for this - I might finally give this a go now.

As a matter of interest, was the console AI any better than the PC version?


raises hand

I have done this, I am not proud of myself. Gearbox is not alone in making this mistake.


I am just wondering what happened with the guy who was supposed to be coding the AI who put in all those subroutines which never executed. Did he just throw his hands up in despair because he was hunting for bugs in his code when it was in an .ini file?


I would imagine that the developers had their own configs which worked and the ini generator for the actual retail configs was broken and no one noticed.

I don’t work in video games, but developers having their own configs that they use instead of official pathway configs is a constant on basically every project I have ever worked on.

This is extreme but this type of disconnect is common.


So goodbye, Aliens: Colonial Marines
Where the xenomorphs of society howl
You can’t lay eggs in my ribcage
I’m going back to my cryopod


That makes perfect sense but it’s kind of sad that everyone is thinking that the AI is a giant pile of dung and the programmer is shrugging and thinking that the gamers are giant a-holes.


So is it worth whatever meagre dollar value it costs now, and should I buy before it disappear forever?

looking at my yuge backlog



Would make for a fantastic investigative journalism article. The development sounds like a real cluster being passed between multiple studios. Wonder if the AI programmer(s) we’re part of an earlier studio that figured someone else broke it or what the actual story was.