Goodbye consent decrees

That’s naive to say the least.

I mean, who cares? Watching movies in theaters is on its way out. This mattered in 1945, it doesn’t today.

Disney to acquire AMC theaters any minute now…

Scorsese unable to have his movies shown in non streaming venues in 3…2…1…

Didn’t Joker just make a billion dollars selling movie tickets? People still go to theaters…

There’s still money in it for now, but most of the revenue comes from streaming these days. Subscription services alone like Netflix and Hulu beat box office sales, and they don’t include people buying or renting movies on Amazon and Google Play and iTunes and whatnot.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still real money and there will be a battle over it. But I don’t see why I, personally, would care.

Huh, how about that. Honestly how much impact will this have? Because I believe things like block booking do occur, though maybe not formally. I know that 15 years ago when I worked at an independent theater we had some scuffle with a distributor over some movie, and so didn’t carry some blockbuster.

Of course that was all second hand information from a long time ago, so who knows!


I’m sure you don’t. Which is fine and understandable. But I suspect there are people who do care, still. For example, I will care, if this means that local indie theaters will have a harder time surviving, since most of the theaters around me here in Portland are independently owned, and I generally am not interested in seeing the usual blockbuster films, and I am doubly not interested in watching any kind of movies at home.

En passant, I am glad that NATO has finally found a military mission it can get behind.

Naive? No. They know full well that’s bullshit. It’s why they’re doing it.

That’s my impression too, which is why I said “naive to say the least”. To say the most, it’s part of the plan. ;)

Going to the movies is a social experience, and it’s also a nice dating experience. Watching the movie at home on your 50 inch TV isn’t the same. There’s a market for going to the movies. People like to get out of the house.

Yep, and for my varying groups often entails a meal before or after too. As long as we have options, I don’t think I care either way but… there’s only one good mainstream theater here, and it had better not fill up on the screens with movies from jut one source.

I’m in this camp too. More often than not we go to an arthouse cinema to watch a movie. The only way we see any blockbuster movies at the theater is to take advantage of the $5 Tuesdays we have here and just feel like getting out to see something. That’s how we saw Aquaman. I haven’t seen any Marvel movies at the theater that I recall other than Guardians. I watch them on TV if I watch them at all.

So do indie theaters also book some of the blockbuster movies to sell tickets, and rely on that income to supplement the arthouse stuff they show? If the studios force them to use more screens for the big tent stuff and that squeezes them out of showing indie stuff, that’s a bad thing.

Block booking still happens even if it’s technically illegal. It’ll get way worse now though. The ultimate effect will probably by that independent cinemas will be taken out behind the woodshed and shot, followed shortly by independent film production.

The thread title confuses me, mainly because where I live (Seattle) our local police force is operating under a consent decree from the Department of Justice. So I guess we’re not saying goodbye to all the consent decrees just yet.

And if the forum category had been called, “Police,” you would be correct!

Touche, mon frere.


Although technically, the decree never applied to Netflix.