Goodbye, Madison, WI

Here’s a photo from last summer of my back yard:

Here it is, right now:

We’re supposed to get another foot of snow before the day is out. This the first time Madison Public Schools have been closed for a snow day in 5 years.

So, it’s been nice knowing you all.

Some villages in the vicinity (Bavarian Forest) got a meter of snow on the roofs of the houses. Never mind the ground – roads impassable, doors blocked by snow. They brought in THW and Bundeswehr to shovel snow for a couple of days. It’s thawing now, though.

I know there’s a good German restaurant there, but I really don’t think that Madison, Wisconsin is all that geographically close to the Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Spiritually yes, geographically no.

Better get started on that shovelling.

It’s only going to get worse.

In California we dream of having backyards that big :{

And with grass. You know, the green kind (not the withered brown kindling that passes for grass in SoCal).

HA. ha.

As a hardy Canadian (and not one of those wimpy Toronto-types), I laugh at your tales of winter woe.

We’ve got a wack of snow dropping on us right now, and looking out the window all I can see is white. White sky, white ground.

But that’s not even the big worry. The real concern is the centimeter of freezing rain that’s about to fall once the temperature shifts up slightly. Then, of course, it’s going to warm up further and become regular rain.

Which, when the temp plunges back down to -20 Celsius tomorrow, is going to turn all of Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec into a giant skating rink.


But it’s green in the winter!


Move to Oregon!

I’ve known a couple of Cali girls who had big backyards.

Fuck that I dont wanna deal with that.

I don’t get it. It doesn’t snow in Wisconsin? How is this in anyway unusual? If this was South Texas I’d be worried.

— Alan

When I was in WI in like 1996 it was cold as a motherfucker and it snowed. It was so cold that if you left a bottle of coke out for longer then 5 min it froze and exploded. Thats cold!

We’ve had 1 or 2 snows this year, but it’s been generally a very light winter. In fact, it was a month or so ago that I was wearing no coat outside, and thinking it smelled like spring.

Like I said, we haven’t seen a snow like this in 5 years – it’s enough that they finally gave the kids a snow-day again.

Ah okay I get it now.

Still… Wisconsin. Heh.

— Alan

Heh. You could get the I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Grass grass - it’s only $3000-5000 per 100 sq. ft.

Yeah, seriously. What’s with the New Orleans doom and gloom verbiage?

For the past several years it’s been glorious, a couple winters out of the last four there weren’t even any good weekends to go snowmobiling, which is bad if you own a snowmobile, but good if you own a snowshovel.

This winter has actually been, on average, according to my gas bill, twelve degrees warmer than the last.

Bah. That’s nothing.

A couple of years ago we got snowed into my house in Vermont, with about five feet of the stuff on the ground in most places, drifts even higher.

Not that big a deal. Except we were trapped with a couple of my wife’s friends who came up to do a civil union and spent the entire time watching Wonder Woman and The Powerpuff Girls.

That sounds awesome.

Yeah, but I live in the same place as you, and it was 45-50F and sunny just yesterday, and I’ve seen kids wearing shorts with sweaters outside the past week. We’ve had maybe three weeks of real winter weather this year, and very little snow. It’s supposed to be cold again for the next week, but still – this has been the mildest winter I’ve ever seen in Eastern Ontario. By far.