Goodbye Shadowbane (and Wolfpack)

it was Kill Cult, that was the guild

Man, Kill Cult.

You guys were brilliant. You brought the “deception” to Deception, with that “open commerce” city that was secretly held by you and funding your military forays. Well done!

I loved (and hated) Kill Cult with equal measure. What was your character’s name? I remember there was one particular wack-job in Kill Cult, he started threatening lawsuits at one point, claiming his personal site had been hacked. Foehammer was his name, I believe?

I was Joe Christmas. Yeah, FoeHammer was the guild leader during the deception days. A few other notables were Ond and Lid. Man that was a long time ago. We were pretty good but ended up getting smacked down eventually.

I was in the wanderers, who transitioned into wreckless abandon and are even now fighting for ownership of the desert on the new server. We always had good relations with DoO and they are continuing.

I was in the wanderers at first as well but got kind of bored.

I wonder how many will be talking about WoW five years from now the way Ephraim and Jason are about Shadowbane? WoW’s like an MMO with the really engaging parts sheared off and training wheels bolted on.

I loved Shadowbane too.

I joined the Wanderers in the beginning through Shadowbane, and I too started to get bored with their maintaining of peace. I remedied that by secretly going out and ganking lowbies with my shade thief. Imagine my surprise when I found out that one of my victims was our guild leader’s alt.

I’m hating to see SB go. It was by no means the best game out there (where is my WASD movement?!?!), but it certainly stood out among the rest.

you know, that sounds familiar


Can you bake bread now?

The developer and publisher in the Steam store are unknown to me. Farewell Wolfpack & Ubisoft.


And I am a bit curious about the story behind this statement in the top Steam review:

This company has no clue about the game since they weren’t even aware they owned it until about a year ago. It’s just another cash cow for them. I doubt they plan to do any meaningful updates to it.

Wtf. 15 years later? 15?! God, I feel old.

Sounds like this company bought some assets of which Shadowbane was a part, and they didn’t even realize until recently. Which is kind of hilarious.

I’ll gamble $11 for a shadowbane that might not sb.exe during every fight.