Google and BC3K

ohmigod. I can’t believe Google has an entire category devoted to Derek bashing, but it does. I bumped into this by accident while doing a vanity search on my own name (which appears in an anti-BC3K FAQ somewhere).

Games > Video Games > Action > Space Combat > Battlecruiser Series > Anti-Battlecruiser Series

Related Categories:
Computers > Internet > Abuse > Usenet and Bulletin Board Abuse
Society > Subcultures > Cyberculture > Net Legends

(shakes head in disbelief). There are more things in life than exist in my philosophy.

Computers > Internet > Abuse > Usenet and Bulletin Board Abuse
Society > Subcultures > Cyberculture > Net Legends

If not Derek then who? Derek I think you should officially put that in you sig line now - net legend. If google says it, it must be true.


I second that. (Derek is second only to a “Terri DiSisto” in linkage in that category.) I’m wondering why Sokwoo Lee isn’t in the “net legends” category, though…

They’ll be hearing from my lawyers. :P


ok, alright. My mom then! :D



I was browsing the boards of my beloved and much maligned (deservedly so) Heroes of Might and Magic 4 and came across this:

As it stands H4 is the Battlecruiser 3k of the series, and the expansion doesn’t look like it’ll make it any better

Such infamy must make you all warm and yummy inside.

One day someone will make a videogamespeak dictionary (although I am sure there is one already) and beneath the definition for “buggy” we will see:

(ex. Battlecruiser 3000)

:wink: Here’s the thread I ganked it from if anyone cares. Just more 3DO and NWC bitching, though.

What was wrong with HOMM4 ? I loved HOMM3 but never played 4.

Lots 'o bugs. Many of which have been fixed, but the patches took a while. Poor A.I. A few other things. People just like to gripe because the wait was so long and it was not what they were expecting. It was not a re-hash of 3 with prettier graphics which was what many vocal H3 fans wanted apparently. Not me. I think 4 is a better game, overall. It just needs a little more work.

3DO had New World Computing release it before it was really ready since 3DO was in some financial trouble (and still is). Most think it was to help cash flow and continue work on the series. Many feel cheated and/or ripped off. I am not one, however.

Personally, I still play HoMM4 and enjoy it. Now that the Multiplayer patch has been released, I think people are picking the game back up, patching it, and seeing how different from 3 and good the game really is.

The U.S. already has one pretty thin expansion (6 new campaigns and a few creatures), a second is in the works and so is HoMM 5 to be released 2003. I plan on getting them all as I am still a big fan and want the series to continue. If I am getting screwed, so be it. This is my favorite PC game series and I feel more like I am donating to the cause.

Sorry if I gushed over you all. :)