Google Apps e-mail catch-22

Never mind.


But now I want to know! I hate when people do that ‘I was going to say something but it doesn’t matter now’ thing!

Well fine, I wasn’t going to help anyway.

I was having trouble creating a Google apps e-mail address, and then I realized I had created it several months ago when I was still experimenting with it. Problem solved. :)

I wish we could delete threads we start.

Ok, in an effort to make this thread semi-relevant, then:

Is anyone else annoyed at how gmail’s +keyword notation seems to only work with about 30% of websites, even though it’s perfectly valid syntax according to whichever RFC is the email standard?

That’s kind of a catch-22… sorta. Ok not really.

That drives me nuts. But moreso than is when websites make your email address the login name. Meaning I’ve got to remember email+unique@domain for a bunch of different websites, or avoid using the +unique for those sites that aren’t smart enough to offer usernames independent of email addresses.