Google Chrome question: Signing into chrome

I see that I can now sign into chrome which will synch my book marks and settings. This sounds nice, except that I use chrome at work and home. My work chrome is set up very differently than my home account.

My questions is:

Can I have a different profiles with chrome so I can have my work setup and home setup be different? If so, how can I do that? If I decide I want them on one account ( if it is not possible to separate them) then what happens when I sign in from two different machines configured differently? How are bookmarks handled? I do not want to lose them from one side or another.

Go to advanced sync settings and choose what you want to sync. Or just don’t use the syncing at all, or create a 2nd gmail account.

Echoing what markv said: Chrome Sync is tied to your google account, not necessarily to a specific profile. If you sign into both your work and home instances of chrome with the same google account, it will merge the data on both computers (so you’ll get the sum total of all of your bookmarks on every machine).

a) don’t sync one or the other of them
b) have two google accounts, one for your work stuff and one for your home stuff, and sign into them on the respective machines. If you want to use multiple profiles, you could have both your home and work stuff on both machines, just under a different profile.

I use option b) myself - I sign into my work google acct in my work instance of Chrome, and my personal google acct at home/on my phone.

I don’t sign into Chrome. It’s bad enough that Google tracks everything I do by IP, I don’t really need them tying it all to my GMail account too. I can sign in to stuff the old way, thanks.

It doesn’t help you sign into things. It’s really just Dropbox for bookmarks. I believe Firefox and perhaps IE offer a similar feature - it’s only ‘tied’ to your Gmail account in that your Google account is the login for it. And yes, it’s definitely signing away another part of your privacy to our new evil overlords but shit, how many days of my life have I lost importing bookmarks? Take my soul, Google.

The question isn’t whether or not you want Google to know everything about you.
The question is whether you are willing to give up the illusion that they don’t.

They have a pilot program for password generation/management that started rolling out this weekend to select people. Like a Google Lastpass.

Ok, thanks. I think Ill create another google account then. It would be nice to share my chrome stuff for work across multiple computers, but I do not want to tie my home stuff to that either. It will be yet another password to remember.