Google cricket game


Those leggies gave me some trouble for my first couple of games.


Finally got done by a grubber, where was the no-ball call, ump?


I love the animations in this. It’s pretty fun, though I think my failing comes from getting bored and my subconscious “lets me off the hook” by making me mrs-click (mr. click’s asshole wife).


Things were splendid until my side took a downie after a 4,6,6 and the smacker bagged a wee marsher, putting the other side’s try behind both the aft wickets! Final score: twentington.


My brain is immune to understanding cricket.

Pretty cool superpower, right?


+1 Like.


Nice work buddy, that’s concentration for you. I usually get done trying to drive a yorker to silly point.


Its like baseball but actually good.


Vastly more fun than, you know, actually watching a cricket game.


I’m looking at getting the new Cricket Captain 2017 which looks like a slightly better version of Cricket Captain 2016.


You should also get Don Bradman 14.


But after years after playing what I think was the 2005 edition of Don Bradman, I finally understood the basics.
Took me 12 more years than understanding baseball on an 8 bits computer.


Bowled out my first swing. Second swing I hit for six.

Edit: Finally hit my century: 111.


If you swing out in front, you’re almost guaranteed a little dribbler that’ll get you 3. I guess what you might call a “swinging bunt” in baseball. If you let the ball get deep into your swing, you’ll almost always hit a 6…course if you miss, you’re out.

My best is 151.


It’s actually like a slightly better version of Cricket Captain 2001.

I can’t believe how little progress this game has made. You can’t even sort the stats when picking your team.

But I bought it for the first time in years as I quite like idly clicking the mouse whilst listening to test match special. Think of it more as Cricket Clicker.


This, on the other hand, is wonderful.


DB 17 is meant to be a lot better since its release last year.


I’m not prepared to pay £40 to find out :)


For those of you who know baseball but not cricket, here’s a handy transformational guide to explain how cricket is and isn’t like baseball.


Me neither, it never seems to have a sale either £25 and I would be all OVER it ;)