Google Doodle: 66th anniversary of Roswell incident

It’s a cute and quick point & click game.

I played through it this morning. Was a fun little way to start off the day. Well done Google.

I got a feather and didn’t know what to do with it. Then I fell in a pit and got stuck.

Sounds like the Atari 2600 E.T. game there. Raise your neck and float out.

Well the pit gives you everything you need to escape.

Not seeing that doodle at all. :( Is it for American IPs only?

Apparently Google is seriously turning into Microsoft or EA, providing services only in random subsets of the world’s countries, including The Vocal Minority (USA) to minimize negative feedback. This doodle is only meant for

Location: Canada, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, France, Peru, Israel, Australia, Singapore, Chile, Hong Kong, Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, Finland, United States, Hungary, New Zealand, Romania, Estonia, Mexico, United Kingdom, Colombia, Japan, Taiwan

At least it can be found relatively easily for those of us not living in one of the 25 preferred countries: But seriously, this should not have been region locked, so on behalf of the rest of us: fuck Google.

Thank you. Seriously, WTF Google? Why would you region-lock that little animation?

National security, duh.

I would have to guess that making things grow is profoundly offensive in your country. Really, it makes no sense at all. It’s one thing when they hide random obscure holiday doodles from other countries in favor of other things that might be more relevant, but a fun little game like that, where there is no danger of people not knowing what a UFO is and where there is nothing there that could conceivably be confusing to anyone … that’s bizarre.

Maybe their goverment doesn’t want their citizens to know the truth about what happened at Roswell.

Maybe most of the world doesn’t know about this incident and they would be very confused by the doodle. Perhaps they would then click on the links provided and then think that an actual ufo, as in a confirmed fact, had indeed landed in roswell. Which is why is it region locked.