Google Fiber coming to Louisville

So the city council in Louisville passed a resolution to allow internet providers to use the existing utility poles in Louisville.

The existing cable companies fought this tooth and nail, largely because Google Fiber is going to beat their asses in the market and force them to dramatically improve their service.

Hopefully this same type of thing will occur in more cities. I know that in many places, like Seattle, their internet access is governed by some pretty terrible archaic laws that were put in place by proponents of the existing telecommunication giants, and make it very difficult to improve the internet service in the region.

Please come to Dayton please please please.

kicks Time Warner box

Within a few months of Google confirming the “RDU” area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill in NC) was happening, TWC handed out 10x speed increases to everyone and their mother at no cost.

And still won’t be competing with Google once their rollout is complete.

And I still can’t watch Youtube above 360p or Netflix in HD anytime between 7PM and 10PM, even with 200Mbps -.-

If it eventually gets out here to the middle of PA, I’ll jump on it as soon as possible… Right now, I have Comcast, which to be fair is really not bad at all out here. Since the area is not congested, I never really have bandwidth problems.

But I’m still paying like 140 for cable and internet, and it’s bullshit… Mainly because if i cancel the cable, and ONLY get the internet, then the cable price goes up to almost twice what it is… so it’s almost not worth it, since I either get cable, or I cancel it and still pay almost the same price anyway.

And that tends to piss me off. And it seems like it’s gotta be illegal under SOME law to do that.

If Google fiber came here, I would drop Comcast in a hot second.

My internet speed sucks.

Everybody would, because Comcast and TW are evil and Google is, well, less so.

I personally have the luxury of choice, unlike most americans. Either TW or Verizon FIOS. But Verizon is actually more evil than TW, and they’re not price-competitive at high downlink speeds, so I stuck with cable.

Google is building out its fiber network here in Nashville. Guess what Comcast announced last week? DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Internet coming to Nashville.

That’s crazy. I’ve only got about 25Mbps down, but that’s never given me trouble streaming HD video. You have my sympathy.

I assume it’s a CDN issue or similar. Steam and similar services continue to download at full speed at those times, but the big three video services (YouTube, Netflix, and Twitch in my home) all go to shit.

YouTube’s little “Why is my connection sucking shit right now?” dialog shows about 25-30% of TWC users in my area drop out of HD video during the peak hours. God it’s fucking dumb…

Nope definitely not super bitter about paying them $85/mo for this “service” (that also includes a modern/router that can’t even forward ports).

I hope all the cable companies go down hard…I assume Fiber won’t make it L.A. until the last possible year though.

It is a CDN issue, yes. If you got a VPN youtube would work great.

For your modem, get a real router from Asus or whatever then tell your cable provider to put the modem in “bridge mode”. This turns off all the router and wifi functionality and passes data straight through as a dumb modem.

Good luck. I had to talk to four Comcast reps before I got one that understood what I was asking for and was able to follow instructions.

At TW, I had to specifically request an escalation to L3 support.

Cox Communications is the only choice I have for broadband in my apartment building. Well, that or AT&T DSL. But they both enforce data caps. Apparently Cleveland is some kind of test market for this. It’s like being back in 2000 again or something. Save me Google, please! :(

Data caps will kill me. I blew through 45 gig in an evening between downloading XCom 2 and then loading up my laptop with movies for a trip to L.A. If I had a, say, 100 gig data cap, I’d be so screwed.

Cox and Century link are sparring here right now. Cox used to have a monopoly, but now Century Link is in town and they are offering Gigabit connections to the newer neighborhoods. Cox is scrambling to get their Gigabit service up and running here, but it isn’t going well. I don’t see them rolling out a data cap while trying to defend their territory against a new competitor. Thankfully.

I’d love to have Google Fiber in the Omaha area, but don’t see it happening. Our laws here are very favorable to local monopolies and the Unicameral is slow to make any kind of changes. Feels like we’re running on 1950’s laws for the most part.

I live just north of Dayton. Sure, I can pay $65/month for a special 1-year rate to get 50/5, but the ping times are terrible with TW, at least in my area.

Here in St. Louis we have Charter with 100 down and AT&T has announced GigaPower with 1000 down is coming in August, in selected areas. It would be nice to have Google Fiber but we seem to have adequate competition now.

Tangential: at least with Bell Canada’s DSL model + wifi router thingie, it was trivial to turn it into bridge mode…it’s just a matter of getting my router to initiate PPPoE, and the DSL model detects this and automatically shut down its router. I might have had to manually turn of its wifi, though.

It sounds like you have competition. In areas Charter doesn’t have competition we go 60 down, 4 yes 4 up, and a steady increase of prices. They wants almost 200 for internet phone and tv. for years they refused to do any bundles with that stupid phone too. And now they high the fact that tv/cable jumps from 80 to 120 to 160 without taxes and fees included. There’s no other cable provider here, so I don’t have cable tv.

I’ve got Bell’s Fibe service, and the router that comes with that service seems to be actually quite good. It provided better signal throughout the house than my own wireless router and hasn’t had the same need to reboot that my last couple of routers were plagued with.