Google Image Search Alternative

So, Google Image Search sucks now. They are continually removing features and making it much less pleasant to use in the process. First, they stopped linking to images directly, and half the time I go to look at something in the search I can’t even get to it in the page that they force you to visit. They removed the ability to specify the size of the image beyond “large,” and while for a short time there was a workaround to specify the MP size in the URL, that’s since been removed, too. Now it looks like there’s no ability to display the image size in the search results, either, so you have to click each damn image to see how big it is before trying to even get to the image itself, which as I said is a bit of a crapshoot these days.

This appears to be the Google MO now, not just with GIS but with many instances of Chrome flags, too: find something users find useful and remove it.

Any other good ways to search the internet for images?

Man, I almost forgot how awesome GIS used to be. I remember looking for stuff and getting right to the raw .jpg or .png file, super handy. Now like you said, it’s hard to get to the image you find when you click on the link (usually to Pinterest). Annoying. I hope there is a good alternative out there.

Bing image search is decent.

Honestly never occurred to me to try Bing. Their search does have better size options, in fact better ones than Google ever had, although I see it does not always respect them, and it even puts the size of the image on the search options by default!

Just remember this was forced… by a lawsuit. It’s not a feature but something they fought to keep and lost. Yes, there are bigger companies out there that can take on Google like Getty.

Since they lost that means no other service is likely to try and replicate it and continue to exist for long.

You should still have size options though:


never-mind you meant specific measurements.

Bing still links directly to images. For example

Yeah, “large” is pretty much a useless measurement, and I can’t recall a time I ever wanted anything smaller…

I’m with you. I always go with the largest, cleanest and full image I can find because I can… always scale down.

I share your pain.

Hell I’d love to just permanently get rid of any image from Pinterest because i also prefer to find the original source of an image to begin with. I want to know the origin, the artist, heck maybe see additional works as well as see if someone has cut the image in weird ways.

Another vote for Bing. Use it for work all the time.

GIS sucks now.

I love the way in Chrome they’ve shifted ‘Reopen closed tab’ from the tab right click menu to the awkward grey space at the end of the tabs near the + symbol. That said, as much as I hate Google’s UI tweaks, Apple’s annoy me more.

Plus points!

DDG image search is decent, and still lets you get the direct image link. You’ll occasionally get a random porn image, usually on searches with fewer results which cause it to start failing.

You can restore the old functionality with an extension

That’s pretty funny. I guess Getty can’t easily sue randos on the internet for that.