Google Listen Has Many Problems

So since getting my Droid Incredible, I have been using Google Listen as my podcast player with satisfactory results. It meshes nicely with Google Reader, and thats a good thing.

However, two days ago, it stopped refreshing new podcasts completely. When I click the refresh button, the little icon flickers at the top and promptly disappears. I know there are new podcasts available (as I can see them in Google Reader), but Listen wont find them.

Has anyone run into this bug before? I searched the Google support forums and didnt see anyone having this exact problem, but I could have missed it.

Also, are there any other podcast players that you all would recommend for android? Am I shortchanging myself with Listen?

I found Listen to be inadequate, even when it was working. I asked this very question a week or so ago in the general Android app thread and was told to check out Doggcatcher. I did so and have been fine with it so far, though I don’t consider it too life-changing. It’s not free, if that’s a dealbreaker, but it seems to do everything a podcast app should.

If you want to sync it with your PC, I like the Doubletwist player. It’s very much an iTunes rip-off with Android functionality. It’s a little clunky, but the best option I’ve found for moving podcasts from my PC to phone. There is a paid version of the application that allows you to sync over wireless internet, but the USB version is free.

The actual Doubletwist player on the phone isn’t great - it obviously sucks up a lot of my phone’s resources, but I have a pretty underpowered phone (MyTouch 3G Slide). You can still access everything through your phone’s stock music/podcast player after syncing with Doubletwist.

For free I’d give it a shot, esp. if you have a music collection you want on your phone.

Google Listen is kind of a POS on my Droid (just standard Moto Droid).

I really liked it at first due to its simplicity but there are tons of small issues with it that add up to major frustration. In addition to sometimes getting stupid about refresh it also often errors out on me randomly near the beginning of podcasts, the ability to rewind/ffwd successfully through podcasts hardly ever works right, etc.

Reader is broken for me too. Scuttlebutt on the Reader Google Group is it will be absorbed into the upcoming Google Facebook killer so it’s languishing as a stand alone app. Time to look for a replacement I guess.

Another vote for DoggCatcher here. Totally love the app, well worth the money.

Okay I pulled the trigger on DoggCatcher. If it breaks my phone I’m going to be sad.

It won’t break your phone. It’s awesome. :P

Yeah, I did the same.

I like what I have seen so far, but when it pulled my feeds from Google Reader, it appears to have declared the addresses for several (the NPR feeds and the QT3 podcast feed) as unuseable. Guess I will have to try to manually add them.

Yeah a little trouble with the import but no big problems. How do I re-order the feeds or is that only done in the playlist?

None of the scheduling stuff with Listen seems to work right… But when I tell it to download a podcast, it downloads it. When I tell it to play a podcast, it plays it. That’s all I really need, so I am content.

Rorschach - I dont know if you can in the main window. Still learning the ins and outs of the program.

Anti-Bunny - My problem with listen came when it stopped recognizing new podcasts at all unless I went in and manually searched for them. (Well, that and if I tried to fast forward, half the time it would start the podcast over).

Hmmmm… I haven’t had that issue, though sometimes I have to manually refresh a podcast to see the latest.

This only seems to happen to me if I try to listen before the podcast is done downloading.