Google map of sex offenders

Somehow they managed to leave Pennsylvania off the list, but this might be useful for some of you.

I think lists/maps like these are bullshit, and morally reprehensible, and I doubt their effectiveness in decreasing recidivist behaviour. They pander to a culture of fear that is more of a threat to a decent society than the “deviants” will ever be.

And before you ask, yes, I do hate children.

A friend of ours (with small kids) looked in the sex offender and found a neighbor on the list. I think she talked to the guy about it. He was honest about it and said on the list because he had sex with an underage teen when he was yound, and claimed that she lied about her age.

Now, if it was “sexually abused toddlers”, my friend (with a toddler) would probably be worried, but because she spent the time to look up what it was and talk to the person, I don’t think she’s that worried.

I myself find it hard to balance between “you’ve paid your time” and “I’m scared for my (hypothetical children)”, and hope that in a case like this, I’d have the restraint to figure out what this person did before getting the pitchforks out.

Oh, I agree, on all counts.

There’s some creepy ass dudes living in my hood.

haha thats awesome there are 2 dudes living in my area and both live less then a block from the elementary school. Thats ++

On the default zoom level, I count 13 from my home of just three months ago. Somehow, I’m glad I moved.

Oh, I agree, on all counts.[/quote]

Me too, especially on Anders hating children. I’ve seen him kick preschoolers and steal their toys.

That might not be conclusive because THOSE TOYS WERE AWESOME.

It’s my understanding sex-offender registries are pretty messed up in general now, as there is a lot of judicial discretion on who gets on it. For example, I’ve read plenty of stories about people being forced to register for urinating in public, for physically assaulting kids, or other non-sexual crimes that somehow connect to sex crime in some judge’s depraved subconscious.

Examining sex offender registries is like taking sandpaper with you to the toilet. It gets the excreta, but it also gets skin, hair and other superfluous matter, negating the purported utility of wiping your ass.

Damn Rob you’re just egging for another “quote of the week” win aren’t ya?

Better, I think would be a WTF? award, where the most stunning non-sequitor is recognized and the author lauded and encouraged to continue experimenting with paintstripper or something.

But you’ll notice in either case, the accused is ugly, and usually fat and greasy. To Hell with them anyway. Go pee in your decrepit mobile home, Fatty! Punch an eight-grader an your way (he probably deserves it).

No, actually. But, why is everyone up in arms about this? I mean, yeah, I get that if every person guilty of a potentially antisocial/harmful crime were to be put on The List and you could check 'em out on a map, you’d be tempted to pack your bags for Jupiter with all the crazies chilling on your block. Like, can’t you get access to what crimes the individual in question actually was charged with and/or convicted of? That’d help. I mean, it’s sad some dumb college boy got snagged for taking a squirt and being too tossed to notice he wasn’t in front of the Student Union but a kindergarten and that bush was actually Sally Peckerspoon he was watering, and got put on the list. But he lives in Pawtucket, what about the fruit who lives two blocks from me and drives a rickety ice cream truck that never seems to have ice cream? Can I find out what he went down for?

Examining sex offender registries is like taking sandpaper with you to the toilet. It gets the excreta, but it also gets skin, hair and other superfluous matter, negating the purported utility of wiping your ass.

Speak for yourself Rob, you ain’t got my hemorrhoids.

The law itself is bad enough. What’s scary is the degree and manner of popular support.

Lots of Americans think vigilantism is sexy. And the mention of children short-circuits the brain in about 65% of the population.

He’s inside the house!

I see depraved people!

What’s the basis for the gripe with this sort of thing? Just for the sake of clarity, this is an actual question rather than a P&R cross examination-hoping you’ll say the answer I have in mind based on my [insert talk show host here] script for dealing with people who disagree with me.

I figure if we just execute every single one of them we wouldn’t need registries.

doesnt leave a lot of room for error.

We probably need to redefine sex offender for the purpose of these maps.

Funny “LET"S KILL’EM!” joke aside, having their information out in the public like this can be dangerous for them - as it was recently for two men in Bellingham, WA

Right, but I doubt the Bellingham killer found his victims through this website. So I guess I’m wondering if the gripe is with the information being easily searchable online or with sex offenders being required to register…

I know that when we were house shopping six years ago, it was impossible to check up on which bastards lived in every neighborhood we were looking at. There just wasn’t a centralized source of the registrants. I would have loved to have this website back then… I can see it being used in much the same way as Realtors use local school information for prospective buyers.