Google Maps can't find locations

Last night I was planning a short road trip on my computer and i thought I’d see if there were any Ikeas close by where I might drop by. When I did a search it told me it could not find any locations and suggested I try a Google search. I thought that was pretty weird as obviously there are lots of Ikeas but I didn’t pay it much mind. This morning i tried on my phone and got the same result. Then I tried Value Village and got the same result and finally even with McDonalds! Something weird is going on here. Is it at Google’s end or mine? Have i accidentally changed some setting which will no longer allow me to search for some businesses? Addresses seem to show up fine and so do locations like “CN Tower”. Any ideas?

I’ve found that when i switch to a secondary account, everything works fine so it must be something with the account. I can’t imagine what k must have accidentally turned off to make it like this. I have location turned on on my phone and I have the same problem on my computer so I don’t think it’s phone related.

I’ve had some issues where it doesn’t want to show me businesses either.

Here’s the pic when I check out the address:

& here’s one where I search for the place:

So, is google trying to hide Five Guys from me? I guess its probably better that way considering my health, but that’s a different issue…