Google Nexus 7 tablet

That sums it up. I’ve been using it daily since I got it and I love it. The price is also highly competitive for what it offers. Screen resolution could be higher and a Tegra 4 or similar version would be even nicer. But that’s indeed more a decision on whether to buy now or wait for a potential Google I/OI update.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about my Nexus 7 though.


I had to send one back because the screen was detaching on the upper left side. I’d bought it directly from Google and they were real easy to deal with. The replacement is better but the screen still seems like it wants to lift up on the upper left side. Apparently it’s a common problem with the tablet.

Otherwise it’s a great tablet and I use it all the time.

So a buddy of mine is considering a Nexus 7 vs. a Galaxy Nexus with a bigger screen. Main usage will be Netflix and reading books. He’s on a budget and he thinks 10" Galaxy Nexus 2 is like a contender to him even though it’s older and the resolution is no better. I’m pushing him to get the N7, since he doesn’t want to spend much more than $300. Thoughts?

Really if his main use will be reading and Netflix, have him get the Barnes & Noble Nook HD+. It’s a great tablet which has access to the Google Play store.

Galaxy Nexus is a phone. Do you mean the Galaxy Tab 2?

He probably means the Nexus 10 tablet.

Can the Nook HD+ handle editing Word docs okay? Turns out that’s a secondary requirement. I know Calibre is his friend, but he may be editing and I’m not sure how willing to root he’ll be.

He said “Samsung Galaxy” so considering his price range I had assumed he meant either the Galaxy Tab 2 10" or the Galaxy Tab 3 7". Sorry I said “Nexus”, my bad.

Looks like he’s oggling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 vs. smaller devices with better displays.

There are a number of office apps for Android and I think any of them can deal with Word docs. I think any current Android device could handle them easily.

Depends what you mean by easily. Editing a true office doc in Android’s about as painful, inaccurate, and annoying as it is in iOS, except that you can at least plug a mouse into some of the bigger Android tablets like the ASUS Transformer line. It’s not a form-factory really made for productivity–even my 10" Win8 tablet sucks for it.

True. But he was asking about the Nook HD+ vs other tablets and I think it would handle Word docs about as well as any other Android tablet unless you get a Transformer. I think that one’s out of the friend’s price range.

Apparently the next Nexus 7 will be coming out in a week or so. According to recently leaksit will have a 1920x1200 display. I’m looking to pick up a tablet for heavy reading, some writing (evernote) and sporadic netflix and gaming. I’m assuming the nexus 7, iPad mini and Nook HD are contenders. Is there any reason to not go with this new Nexus 7?

Well, it’s not out yet, so who knows?

It is rumored to be twice the cost of the nook HD 7", which is a ridiculous bargain at $130. At 1080p the nexus7-2 will have a higher resolution, but the nook HD is 243ppi which is “retina”, so who cares? It will be faster too, but again, who cares? The only real bummer about the nook HD is that it doesn’t run straight android, but you can just install cyanogenmod. And of course they aren’t making any new nooks, so you probably won’t get software updates from Barnes and Noble. But again, if you’re running Cyanogenmod who cares?

I dunno, it’s difficult to justify paying twice as much based on the leaked specs. Maybe if google manages to do something cool like double the battery life, or includes cellular networking with no added cost, or if it’s waterproof, or if that $230 price is for 32GB storage. Then again, maybe you just aren’t price-sensitive, it’s only a hundred bucks, and price aside, the nexus7-2 will certainly be a superior device.

On the one hand, yes, the Nook HD is cheaper. On the other hand, the new N7 will have a better screen, a much faster processor, will run a more useful version of Android out of the box, and will get instant updates to future versions. I can see where people would get the Nook (though I think the HD+ is the better deal for $20 more), but the new N7 absolutely looks worth it, at what used to be a bargain price.

Yes, the HD+ is a better deal, but lots of people don’t want a 9" tablet.

Anyway, the nooks are just crazy cheap.

Nook is only a deal if your time is free/worthless.

I wonder what the impact on battery life will be from the higher res and (I assume) faster processor.

I don’t really get that. I know two people who have one and they love it. They don’t run a lot of apps. They use it for reading, Netflix, Skyping, and some web browsing. It seems well up the task for all that.

Yeah that’s an odd drive-by comment that makes no sense. It’s a great tablet. I just got one for my 14 year-old and he loves it. Took me about an hour to do the update and download some apps and games for him. I didn’t spend any more time than I did setting up my Nexus 7.

Well I wasn’t going to get one before but after reading this it sounds right up my alley.