Google Nexus 7 tablet

I still think Apple’s leaving money on the table. Just make the Touch bigger.

Instead of a 7" tablet Apple will release a 7.2" tablet and it will be the best thing ever. You heard it here first.

$200 confirmed. I want one!

Man that looked good. The Compass feature in maps alone is enough to justify a sale.


The real question is whether it has an integrated GPS or just relies on google’s wifi location stuff.

The Nexus 7 looks really well-done, a lot more polished and thought-through than I would have expected. It’s interesting how they’re pulling in Amazon’s innovations – a focus on your content, and recommending stuff, and all that. And also a little bit of Microsoft’s – it’s not Metro, but it’s got the same sort of focus on showing you larger blurps of your stuff than just a little icon. And what’s nice is, it’s stock JB, and presumably those are just widgets, and if you want your home screen to look like something else, you can. Very nice.

And wow, does iOS’s icon grid look outdated and clunky now (particularly for the iPad). I bet they modernize that in iOS 6.

According to the tech sheet on the Play Store page (and I think they said this in the conference, as well), yes it does.

BOOOOOOOOO!!! NO micro sdhc slot!

I know, I was bummed about that too. Not surprised, since the last 2 Nexus phones haven’t either, but that is a bummer. Makes me think it’s worth the extra $50 to double the memory.

It’s a cloud play, I’m not surprised by the lack. This is firmly for urban broadband folks, though if they’re going to sell it as a road warrior solution they need to have plenty of storage. I suspect there will be another model that is geared to the more extreme data users with SD and a good chunk of internal storage.

Ahh yes you’re right, it does have a real GPS. Awesome.

Order site is up at Play, I’m waffling. I’ve resisted tablets entirely up until now, what do I do!?

There will be other 7" tablets at this price point, but you probably won’t find any running jelly bean (without rooting and installing cyanogenmod yourself) for a good six months. Go buy one. You might not find yourself using it all the time, but they are really nice for flipping around on the couch and particularly while taking a dump.

Yeah, I grabbed a 16GB. Now let’s see if I carry through on my threat to ditch my smartphone.

Sure, but to be fair I’d expect a faster Fire this fall. It’s like anything in this field, you pick your time to buy…

Personally, I don’t want to be “upsold” on expensive internal storage, I’ll take one with a SD slot. I spend a fair amount of time travelling, and the wifi on the trains is lolspeed.

Since this has GPS and offline map support, standalone GPS really is dead.

Yep, just needs a good car mount.

This is the first tablet I can recall seeing with GPS that doesn’t also have a cellular modem.

Did they mention any carrier partnerships for data plans?

It doesn’t have a cellular modem, so no. They didn’t discuss alternate versions with a modem either.

My feeling is that hitting that $199 pricepoint while still substantially beating the kindle fire and nook tablet features was incredibly difficult. They had to cut all that stuff.