Google sees Shub-Niggurath everywhere

These images were created by feeding images into Google’s recognition system, taking that data and feeding it back in.

Nightmare fuel.

Lots more at the link.

Um…wow. Now I won’t sleep, damn it.

this is like how when we see faces in cars, except less cute, and now it can be simulated with computers

the process is recursive, accumulation of errors

I wonder how this process would interpret this image?


The pineapple with Yellow King swirl is not a good thing, but that crust looks fucking demented.

That is really interesting.

I’m pretty sure they’ve discovered what happens when someone is on LSD.

Normally with a neural network you have to tune it carefully to prevent all kinds of stupid false positives. But here you just tell it go for broke and lower the thresholds… It’s not very deep, given the image recognition system to begin with, but the results sure are cool.

It’s the 60’s!

Man, nightmare-google is really obsessed with dogs.

I only saw pictures at that link, with no explanation of how they were created. So I found this:

And the bit from that page that is most important for the pictures upthread is:

Governments everywhere can use this technology to combat the lack of crime.

Everytime you see something like a crime, slightly doctor the images of the witness declarations so they look more like a crime. Continue in a feedback loop until everything, like the cry of a baby, looks like a fractal of crimes.

If these results are from a network trained on the ImageNet database, that might make sense. That set of images heavily over-represents dogs.

Came for Shub Niggurath stayed for the Hot Dog Pizza Bites.


Some of the more abstract ones on the link almost work as Magic Eye pictures. But I was afraid of seizures or demon possession if I stared too long, so I had to stop.

Oh God.

Fear and Loathing run through the same Google neural network process.

Never sleep again.

From the un-gif thread, my pets.

A GIF made using Google Dream.

It’s like you pierced the veils of sanity and are witnessing reality.

I set this up and have been generating a ton of crazy pics. They are all in the animated gif thread for those interested.