Google Street - Ruins of Pompeii

It’s kinda’ almost better than actually being there - I don’t have to walk, and when I see something distant I want to check out I can be there in an instant.,+italy+ruins&sll=40.716428,14.537315&sspn=0.061672,0.132351&ie=UTF8&hq=pompeii,+italy+ruins&hnear=&t=h&layer=c&cbll=40.748902,14.484834&panoid=1e-bu_kis-dL1BnVGZhDdw&cbp=12,209.48,,0,7.63&ll=40.748902,14.484834&spn=0,359.992597&z=17&iwloc=A

Very cool.

very very cool.

What sort of mischief is going on here?,+italy+ruins&sll=40.716428,14.537315&sspn=0.061672,0.132351&ie=UTF8&hq=pompeii,+italy+ruins&hnear=&t=h&layer=c&cbll=40.750236,14.483906&panoid=roSuCv5-we-s2XXF-kvWgQ&cbp=12,157.56,,1,11.37&ll=40.750175,14.483982&spn=0,359.988509&z=17

That’s pretty awesome, thanks :)

Visiting the Lupinarium?

This is awesome - thanks for sharing it. I’ve been lucky enough to go to Pompeii twice and Herculaneum once, and they’re some of my favorite spots on earth. I can’t think of another place where it’s easy to visualize how an ancient town would have worked. Some of my favorite things were the laundromat, the lunch counters, and the bakeries. It’s just fascinating.