Google StreetView

Awesomeness. Go check it out.

On one hand, I think being able to virtually explore a city is awesome. On the other hand, I’m not sure how I feel about people being included in these shots. Seems more Big Brother than some government actions.

Meh. If you’re out in public, no issue to me.

Wait, what? Those aren’t live shots – it’s not like they could be used to track people’s movements systematically.

I just spent a bit of time playing with this - it’s freaky and quite fun. It helps that they have a shot of where my sis-in-law lives in SF. It boggled my wife’s brain to think that people were walking around taking photos of the city like this.

Looks like they drove around with a roof-mounted 360 degree camera.,-74.406761&cbp=1,234.924811093247,0.61024115755627,1&ll=40.69795,-74.405594&spn=0.099562,0.150032&z=13"

Looks to be some kind of lens-flare inside the camera bubble. It continues as you go down the street (south), and goes away under the overpass.

But there’s smoke! And lightening would cause a lens flare.

This is cool, but this is going to take years to complete.

Dude, it’s obviously ET.

That is fucking INSANE.

I just browsed Manhattan with it. This is amazing.

I’d love to see them do some cities in other countries. Tokyo, Paris, Venice, etc. Definitely OMFG amazing, though.

Caught coming out of a strip club in the middle of the day. Oh, the shame…

Seems so.

Yep. It’s funny if you’re “walking” down a specific street using StreetView you can have the same car in front of you in every frame.

It’s awesome that somebody managed to find that window reflection.

Should be a rule that they shouldn’t be driving around on crappy overcast days but oh well.

Also some pretty bad lens-flaring, almost like the photosensors got blown out if it’s looking at or near the sun (looking at Tiburon Blvd going SE in San Francisco, that’s up past the Golden Gate and to the east across Richardson Bay).

— Alan

I went looking for Memphis Minnie’s in SF, unfortunately there’s a Budweiser truck blocking the storefront. Best BBQ in the world at that joint.


OMFG this means I can have one of my dreams come true. DEVELOPER PEOPLE!! Write magic code that maps a city based on this information, and put me in a friggin’ gunship in the middle of it. I’ve always dreamed of a down-to-the-mailboxes exact replica of a city to play a sim in.