Goonsquad investigating murder

So apparently one of the goons over at Something Awful murdered his ex-girlfriend and a mutual acquaintance then left a bunch of evidence on his web server for his fellow goons to find.

His website has been taken down and Something Awful isn’t responding at the moment, but this whole thing sounds pretty weird.

Sounds like a hoax/metagame to me.

— Alan

The murder’s real enough. There’s a few stories about it in a Google News search.

Or maybe not.

Where can I go to tell the the Inquirer to suck a fat cock?

Blow me, you pricks. I feel safer walking around downtown Detroit these days than I would walking around downtown London, what does that say?


“This isn’t the first time a member of Something Awful has committed a murder, with a mentally disturbed user asking the gun forum what type of buckshot was best to buy for killing someone before a shooting a few days later.”

Murder is one thing, but paying to access a forum? That’s madness!

SA thread in question.

And SA is worth a few bucks (one-time fee) for the Games forum. (You don’t have to pay to lurk but it does remove annoying ads if you do).

Also, amusingly, it seems that this is a banning offense on SA.

PERMABAN 09/25/07 02:45pm Bomber166 Murderer. Lowtax Lowtax

When you have 100,000 forum users, almost all of which are males 18-30, it’s not exactly surprising there are some homicidal nutjobs in the bunch.

Good lord, he has the face of the internet.

Face of the mentally challenged, more like.

Yeah, that’s kinda what he was getting at.

I think the real question here is this: how ugly must his ex have been?

That you’re an idiot? For a start there is no such thing as downtown London.

Ok, so London has no center. Thats news to me. (However I use to think it was East End because of all the Eastender episodes my mom watched when I was a teen)

The center of London is actually one of the safer parts, it’s where all the landmarks and tourist attractions are. If M5 seriously thinks that’s more dangerous than central Detroit, I invite him to try late-night soujorns of both and report back to us, if possible.

Going with Whitta on this one. I’ve walked around the reputedly “bad” parts of London, and honestly never felt half as threatened as I have South of Market in San Francisco. Britain does not have crime like we have crime.

I regularly wander around in SF near market (and well to the south of it) and I’ve never felt scared or anything. Near College Park in Atlanta, sure, and in some parts of Oakland, but not SF.

Mission district is way scarier in SF. Especially freeway underpasses at night. Damn crazy crack-addled homeless people freak me out.

In Oakland you don’t even have to go to 100th+, just go to downtown to the BART station on 13th and stand around at night.