Gordian Quest. Deckbuilding roguelike meets tactics RPG. Full release!

“Grind is gameplay.” --T. Chick

Which means that if you’re complaining about grind, something about the gameplay isn’t working for you! What is it? Are the battles not fun, I mean gratifying? Are you basically on autopilot clicking “attack shoot spell” until battle is over? What is it?

Maybe it’s because it’s early on, but the battles are starting to feel too repetitive. And easy.

25% off on steam sale, with a price increase due in a few weeks (not sure to what).

Definitely diving back into this. Meant to do a long stream today, but dealing with Covid booster symptoms and bereavement together has left me not really wanting to play just yet.

Bought this today. I have a soft spot for this genre and the Steam sale felt like the perfect opportunity. :)

Well that’s a new one, I think. A game that is out on both Steam and GOG hits 1.0 on Steam but is still waiting to update on GOG. Potentially for weeks, according to the devs. Friggin sucks.

GOG has had delayed updates in the past, but they’ve been for games that already were at 1.0, and usually the delays seemed to be due to disinterest from the developers, not an actual intentional choice.

So, in the campaign, once your initial party is set, will there still be opportunities to switch out characters? If so, how frequently?

Unlocked heroes are waiting at the Guild in town to swap out when and as you see fit.

Ah, ok, thanks. Not sold on my current comp just yet. Is party max size 3?


Monk feels super strong. Currently running Monk-dex, Swordsman-int and Cleric-str I think?
Plan to be back on stream after dinner. Still loving the game though. definitely a lot of changes since I played a year or so ago. It can be odd having it familiar but different

You doing the martial artist deck? It really does feel strong. Swordsman feels like the weaves character I’ve seen in my very brief play.

I really like the combat in this game, especially the addition of the grid and related movement (best of all the deckbuilders, perhaps). I’m not nearly so keen on many of the other trappings, like the explorations and campsite stuff. There’s a lot of systems here, not all of which feel like they fit together.

explorations are meh, feel like a tiny filler mechanic that they didn’t think just giving you stuff was ‘gamey’ enough. I don’t mind the camp mechanic though, found it pretty unique though I haven’t used it since retail launch so maybe it has changed. Combat feels very good though and I like the integration of equipment and the deck as well as the item use.

I don’t think camping felt “bad” at all. I remember thinking it seemed cool when I saw it in a play video ages ago. But I had totally forgotten about it, and when I got to the first instance after playing for several hours, it felt to me like I came from a different game.

I got a “rare essence” that is used to upgrade common items to rare, but I don’t understand how to do that- would someone please explain?
Also, when would you want to skip rewards?

You use it from your inventory, then it will show you a list of items that qualify to select from.

Thanks, for some reason I hadnt tried rt-click to use it. What does “chain” mean? I can’t find it in the help.

There’s mouseover text for it on cards when I’ve seen it. Attacks that chain affect multiple enemies depending on the specific requirements (e.g. adjacent)

Thanks again!

I am finally getting some play time with this. Mech Armada, which is simpler, has been getting in the way.

Something I think I am liking is how many different “systems” Gordian Quest has, and so far, they all seem to work well enough for the individual and overall experience to be rather fun.

By systems, I mean, for examples . . .

The combat
Overworld node based movement
Deck building
Character development
Crafting / enchanting / gem using
Fate points

Whilst BIG RPGs, like Witcher, Divinity etc have a similar number of systems, I am not used to seeing so many things going on in deckbuilding roguelikes or turn-based tactical RPGs. So when I compare Gordian Quest to, for examples, Trials of Fire, Urtuk the Desolation, Slay the Spire Likes, Monster Train, Wildermyth, Banners of Ruin . . . there is just so much more going on here. Maybe similar, but still more . . . . compared to Darkest Dungeon.