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I have experience with Channelling. It is a very powerful mechanic, essentially requiring playing some pre-requisites to enable you to cast some very powerful spells including spells requiring more Action Points (AP) than you would ever naturally have. Also, there are some passive buffs that can give you benefits based on Channel, such as giving you block equal to your Channel every round.

However, I think that none of the starting decks set you up to have either of A and B

A. Sufficient cards to reliably generate Channel
B. Very powerful cards that benefit from Channel

So the challenge is to deck-build, and select items and gems, that will make this into a focus of a deck. It does take focused effort though, and I think is not likely to happen without specifically aiming for it.

I need to get rid of those channeling cards out of my decks then! I only have one spell that works with it for the Paladin, and the one I had for the Mage seemed to only appear when I had the chance to retain a card at the end of my turn, it never actually appeared during play; maybe I had some weird modifier on it…

Some quick thoughts. I finished the campaign on Torment last night and finished Nightmare/Torment on Realm multiples times prior to the campaign.

Generally, I think the game is good but I think it suffers from too many systems. It’s too convoluted and many of them don’t really add to the gameplay. For instance, I finished the campaign without using any stratagem or camping. I also actively avoided exploration and didn’t care about the challenge rolls. The bonuses from the challenge rolls was vastly out weighted by the work it took to increase my success. This is mainly due to the terrible UI.

I founded the Torment campaign too easy after the first Act. However, I have lots experiences in these type of games before so it might be me. The Realm mode on Torment is below Monster Train level of difficulty. Chances are if you can survive the first level you’re good to go. The best thing about Realm is that it strips all the fat of the campaign (seriously, why is there a need for 5 different stores).

Despite all I just said the game is good and there’s lots of love (especially in Realm).

@Pedro If you’re having trouble with the Bard. Choose Minstrel as your starting deck. The 4 cards you should focus on Is Intro to Swiftness, Verse of Swiftness, Chorus of Swiftness and Bardic Experience. Use Intro once to get the Green Tone. Then each turn use Verse (to get Inspiration) until you have 1 AP left. Then cast Chorus or Bardic Experience. Then focus on getting rid of all other cards or changing them to something that Expends. Max card draw and Dexterity should be your other focus. However, aim also for 14 Intelligence is important so you can get the bonus card draw talent on the blue track. Personally I never found Channel to be useful outside of Pierre.

I like channeling with the cleric / paladin lady. She’s focusing on the divinity line of skills.

Channel is incredibly powerful with the Mage deck. With 9 channel charges and powerful spells that cost zero and hit the entire board, and double- and triple-cast this one character clears enemies fast.

And the Synergy cards are really fun and powerful- they unlock fairly regularly and can be powerful combo pieces.

Items/gems need work - not nearly enough gems, way too much trash loot.

I use strategem all the time. grats on beating it on such a high difficulty without using half the stuff. definitely way more skilled than me. I had it up to hard and turned it back to normal in act II when things ramped up fast.

Thanks Hereafter! I re-specced her to Minstrel last night and had a quick look at the base deck and this looks suspiciously like a Win! button ;) I will try it out later on.

Levelling up heroes from level 0 to your current level is a lot of fun too. There is an item for sale from the guy in the tent at the start of Act II which allows re-speccing (for those who may not know this).

Torment difficulty is impressive! I shifted down one level after my party wipe but the game has become easier again (possibly to do with me getting a more effective third hero) so I might put it back up to Nightmare.

@Scotch_Lufkin That screenshot looks amazing.

I ended doing all the achievements and going 20+ on endless but it got really boring and wrist breaking so I ended it.

Just some finale points

The interface is really frustrating and gets worst as your character gets stronger/more loot. I probably won’t touch the game again mainly due to this. Scrolling through 50+ items and having to hover above each one to see what they do is painful. Then you have to do it 6 times and for each party member change. This isn’t even the worst part of the interface.

Camping, exploration and skill check are not needed and really shouldn’t be in this game. Realm mode is where these system are the most useful but even there I stopped using them after the second Realm. Star Renegades still have my favorite camping/relationship system.

I really like the character development and the characters themselves. Lots of synergies and deck building ideas. Some characters are just too strong at the moment (Veteran Lucius, Cathrim, Naran, Bear Ida). Some are fun but weak (summoners, traps due to the Vampire Queen). This is only a concern if you’re going to do high difficulty Realm.

I still like the game overall though.

How do I cast buffs?

Did you mean the cards? Some are labeled as buffs and you can target yourself, the ground, etc. There should be a white targeting circle once you cast use the cards to show the targeting area.

Yeah I was trying the blood mage and these buffs said cast after two successful bleeds. I kept dragging the buff on myself but didn’t work

Did the same with another class so I was wondering if buff interface was just really weird

if that is a trigger card that you retain, it will trigger automatically when the requirements are met.

Yeah I was stuck trying to use those cards until I realized they were passives.

Also keep in mind.
Passives without triggers = once per round even if you have more than 1 card
Passives with triggers = as many times per turn as long as you have cards

Just finished the campaign myself, with the help of Hereafter’s defence strategy, which made it a bit of a procession:


I enjoyed the game a lot, but I thought the campaign (even though a lot of work went into what they call their secondary mode, kudos to the devs) was too drawn out. I pretty much had my cards and strategy set early in Act II, and after that it’s mostly just bumping up the attributes and the damage the cards do by increments. If I was playing larger decks maybe that might change, but I don’t know.

Overall there’s a huge amount to like. I’ll try Realm Mode, but I’m not really a leaderboard/score attack person, so I dunno if that will be fulfilling for me.

Very glad to be finished though.

Since the last Patch I am having a problem with a shaking screen. When I go to select a new skill as one example the scree shakes so much I can not read any of the cards. Anyone else having this issue. I had no problems b4 the patch.

I didn’t have this issue. I remember there was a screen shake option in the settings. If you turn that off does it help?

Hmmm…it stopped shaking whether that switch is on or not. I had tried opening and closing the game several times no idea why it fixed itself.

Did you have a controller plugged in? A lot of games start acting weird when a controller is plugged in.

No controller was plugged in. It is a puzzle. I am simply glad it stopped.