Got a gameboy now what?!

what are the must have gameboy titles?

advance wars!!

Driver 2, Yoshi’s Island (if you missed it on SNES) and Final Fight One.

I second Advance Wars as my favorite GBA game yet. I also liked Golden Sun, and Tactics Ogre quite a bit.

If you get only one game, make it Advance Wars. Seriously, it’s that good.

Where do you buy advanced wars from?

Its not at best buy.


Here’s my usual playlist:

Advance Wars, Virtua Tennis, Namco Museum, Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Island, Rayman Advance, Monkey Ball, Street Fighter 2.

Advance Wars is great. I also picked up a game called Karnaaj Rally or something similar. Odd name but a great top view racer with excellent graphics for a GBA game. The Madden 2003 plays a pretty decent game of football if you like sports games. Also, Ogre Tactics looks interesting so far but only a short way into it.

– Xaroc

Ogre Tactics is my favorite GBA game. I’m a big FFT fan, and this is very similar.

My favorite GBA games are:

  1. Advance Wars
  2. Ogre Tactics
  3. Golden Sun
  4. Chu Chu Rocket

With those games, you’re looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of excellent gameplay.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Pokemon games yet-I don’t have them yet,but will probably pick one up shortly.

Advance Wars is the best game for the system,IMO,I also like Pinball of the Dead.

Another vote for the awesome Advance Wars.

And, yeah, the new Pokemon are lotsa fun. I’m six badges in to Pokemon Ruby and having a blast–lots more new stuff to do than some of the reviews are giving it credit for.

Sorry, I would have, but I’m too busy playing them. I’ve already put in well over 100 hours and have completed the story but not all of the catching. Still plenty of those little bastards to catch. Plus, berries.

Chu Chu Rocket? WTF?

I’m about to log some travel time, which is synonymous with GBA time, so maybe I should grab this thing? Man, that’s going to be embarrasing, buying a game called Chu Chu Rocket. There’s probably little pink guys on the box, right?


You’re way too self-conscious about your gaming, Tom. :)

Advance Wars is available at EB, Gamestop, Funcoland, etc. Best Buy has an absolutely horrible selection of games these days for just about all systems. They carry fewer SKUs than anyone else and they just throw them on the shelf waiting for some moron to hopefully pick them up.

It’s well worth locating.

As for must have GBA titles…

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and Harmony of Dissonance.
Golden Sun
Advance Wars
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Pokémon Sapphire or Ruby
Metroid Fusion
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Dragon Warrior III (Game Boy Color)
Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages (GBC)

That should be enough to get anyone started.


I don’t know about Chu Chu Rocket on the GBA. This is where the two face buttons really bites you in the ass, because that game would be perfect with the x/y buttons. As it is you have to use this weird combination of the a/b and shoulder buttons, or the even more lame double click of a and b to get the other two arrows. It’s still really cool for the puzzle mode, which doesn’t require quick reflexes, but in my opinion the main game itself is unplayable on the GBA.

The Dreamcast game is full of frantic action feeling ™ and can be had for five dollars or less, but the GBA port is just frustrating.

Love the music, though.

You’ve never… played… Chu Chu Rocket?

You are missing out on one of the weirdest/best 4 player DC experiences ever. If video games bring friends closer, Chu Chu brings friends closer… to killing each other.

Aside from that small problem, the game is a lot of fun. Haven’t tried the GBA version, which I assume is horrible due to the aforementioned button problem, but definitely look for a DC version and get three friends over quick.

I own both the GBA and DC versions of Chu Chu Rocket. It’s an excellent puzzle game that provides dozens of hours of enjoyment. I personally found that it works rather well on the GBA.

…in my opinion the main game itself is unplayable on the GBA

Whew, dodged that bullet.

Me, sotto voce, at the local Electronics Boutique, surrounded by kids and their attractive single mothers: “Uhh, yes, do you have a copy of…chu chu rocket…?”

Employee, checking his computer: “Let’s see, CHOO CHOO ROCKET? Yes, we have one copy that was reserved by an EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL who never picked it up.”

The employee then hands me a bright pink box with teddy bears on it.

Supertanker brought his daughter to Shoot Club the other night. I guess she’s maybe eight? When she was looking through my console games, he whispered to her to show me the Playstation 2 Yu Gi Oh game that I have and tell me that the girls at her school played that game. Which she did.

I then proceeded, in earnest, to try to engage her in a Yu Gi Oh discussion before she confessed that her Dad had put her up to it and she didn’t really know anything about the game.

Man, can I rack up the dork points! Even with eight year old girls.