Got a gameboy now what?!

Here you go, Tom. It really is a great four-player game on the Dreamcast. As FlamingSheep points out, it will make you want to kill your friends, but in a good way (?).

After you have the Dreamcast version, maybe you want to get the GBA game just to play the puzzle mode, which is quite extensive. There are almost 3000 of them in there and you can create your own to trade them with the 8 year old girls at your next LAN party for pedophiles*. I just wouldn’t recommend the GBA game to start, because the main game doesn’t live up to the original.

[size=2]* Ha! (please don’t ban me from the forum)[/size]

Aw c’mon, Tom. It’s not like you’re being asked to buy MK&A.


I THOUGHT that was you at the EB the other day! Did you not also buy Cosmopolitan Virtual Homosexual Makeover 14 along with Barbie’s Dominatrix Fashion Makeover? I KNOW I also saw you purchase some Yu Gi Oh action figures with the optional “butt plug” accessories…

Seriously, Chu Chu Rocket is a great game…;)

Are you really allowed to end a ‘butt plug’ post with ‘seriously’?

And then someone posted a link to the infernal Chu Chu Rocket commercial. And there was much rejoicing. Yay.

Hahahahahaha, I love it!! Hahahaha

Advance Wars
Monster Rancher
Pokemon Ruby (seriously)
Car Battler Joe
Golden Sun

All very good titles not requiring any “twitch” skills.


I love that commercial. At one point I knew the lyrics. This concludes the sad geek story portion of the thread.

GULROZ CHANG POO. Only import game I’ve ever gotten that didn’t make me feel like a sucker for spending the dough. It has like, a zillion puzzles too, and while it starts easy it quickly bits you in the ass.

Also a bonus if you like pixel art (old games or icons) since that is the ‘theme’, also, very strange ducks.

Tom, if it makes you feel any better, I have Chu Chu Rocket for the Dreamcast, and I can’t get my wife or kids to play it with me. Despite having the most testosterone of any of them, I am the sole Chu Chu Rocket fan. When they import these games, can’t they pop in more macho art? At least make me a version with commuters & Godzilla instead of mice and cats.

Since you sort of asked, that particular daughter is seven, and she is playing Nerf Arena Blast in the other room as I type this.

Tom: Take away the multiple control widgets of Lemmings, leaving only one, crank up the speed about 10 times, and put everything in bathroom colors. That’s Chu Chu Rocket. It’s definitely a different sort of puzzle game. Very, very, fast-paced.

As some of you may know, I picked up a Gameboy Advance SP a week or so ago, and much like my first purchase of the GBA I went nuts with the games. Games like Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper, Ghosts n Goblins, YuGiOh: Eternal Duelist Soul, Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age, Mega Man Zero, and Mega Man Battle Network suck up my time.

But if you dont own the two Zelda Oracle titles that were released for gameboy color, you owe it to yourself to grab those BEFORE Link to the Past. I think both of them, in terms of gameplay, poo on LttP. Something about LttP rubbed me the wrong way anyway, maybe cause it wasnt made by LORD GOD CAPCOM.

I also grabbed Dragon Warrior 3 by the recommendation of a friend, Pokemon Yellow (oldschool), Mega Man and Bass, among other games.

SFA3 Upper is a fantasssstic Street Fighter Alpha port. All the animation is there, MOST of the sounds are there, all the characters including new ones from CvsSNK2, the control is tight, and there are plenty of stages. Well worth the money if you want some fighting on the go. AI is good too! Only thing the game lacks is the world tour, and the announcer and some intro taunts, but consider all that has been crammed on this cart (30 characters, all the moves, all the animation, stages, lots of modes, music, 12 stages, its nuts) and its easier to forgive.

I mostly like YuGiOh Eternal Duelist Soul because it cuts to the chase. There are tiers of card players, and you play against them, while collecting 800 different cards. No messy story, just challenges and deck building strategy. Id never ever play a game like this with people, but YuGiOh doesnt make it seem as bad. Pumpking the King of Ghosts, Wall of Illusions, and Penguin Warrior are my favorite cards right now. I love tricking the AI into attacking my Wall of Illusions or Penguin. Pumpking is just the King, I cant wait to get his Castle of Illusions. POWER UP!

The Mega Man GBA games are awesome. I enjoy Mega Man Zero more than Mega Man and Bass, but both are great. Then there’s Mega Man Battle Network 2, which is a whole lot of fun. Oh, and I need to grab Advance Wars and Yoshi’s Island as well.

I was planning on avoiding the pokepurchases but sapphire looked like a lot of fun, and getting yellow was mostly a 10 dollar trip down memory lane, as I played the very first pokemon games like nuts. I never played gold silver, or the crystal ones.

As for Golden Sun 2, like it a lot so far. They still have that dumb ‘im talking noise’, but overall its been a fun first few hours. I started playing the first GS again, but I dunno how important it really is to 2. The important stuff WAS covered in the prologue of 2, so blahh dunno.

So many games to play before im chained to school again.

I’m wary of buying any import games with “poo” in the title.

Megaman and Bass is one of the few Megaman games that probably would have been better off forgotten on Japanese shores like it was 5 years ago when it hit Super Famicom very quietly… As an action game that mixes shooting, platforming, and a small dose of contemplative strategy to your arsenal, it blows. For portable CLASSIC Megaman action, you are better off with a copy of Megaman V for GBC.

Of course the Battle Network games are quite a different story, but they aren’t exactly built in the same mold. Nevertheless they are worth a look and the third entry is arriving soon.

Megaman Zero is not too shabby, but also not the type of game you can just pick up and enjoy for some quickfix portable action much like some of the great earlier games. The steep limitations and punishing approach to progression really forces you to overthink and take needless risks more than I personnally prefer for this type of game. It does provide a solid dose of action and a decent twist to the old formula, but I found it pretty cumbersome to ration my inventory, lives, and cyberelves when I just want to shoot my gun, slash my sword, jump a few pits, and marvelously outwit and outmaneuver the patterns of my rival bosses. I found all the superfulous gimmicky elements gave me a headache. Hopefully the sequel gets back to basics.

Golden Sun I just finished last week and despite a few minor complaints, it was quite an astounding little JRPG adventure. I just purchased the sequel today infact, but have yet to play much of it. I think the main attraction I have to this series is the large focus on filling most each and every screen with a puzzle of sorts to work past. Much like Zelda, there is an active push to really force the gamer to interact with the environments and settings moreso than most of these games that flood the market. Didn’t hurt that aesthetically this game is marvelous looking and sounding.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a big whore for action games, so Ghosts and Goblins Remix is a recommendation, assuming the extremely punishing and almost cruel control scheme won’t piss you off. It’s one of those older action games where quick reflexes will only go so far due to very limiting control, anticipation is the true key to success. If you are gonna jump, better make sure you will land safely, cause your stuck and screwed otherwise. I enjoy it, but it can be pretty unforgiving.

The Zelda Orcale games are a good bet(as is Link’s Awakening). I personnally like a few elements of LttP better than what Capcom gave us in their own games, but they are all quite accomplished titles worthy of a look. Solid portable adventuring all around.

It would be nice if some of my posts on this forum didn’t boil down to people telling me that what I like ‘blows’. If it isnt wumpus hounding my PC gaming threads its console guys in threads like these.

Im willing to accept opinions other than my own, but tact kicks ass.

I’m a huge fan of Chu Chu Rocket on Dreamcast, but I don’t recommend the GBA version. The reason is that the game requires the player to quickly lay down arrows pointing either up, down, left, or right. On the Dreamcast controller, these are easily mapped to the “diamond” of buttons and are immediately intuitive. On the GBA, there is no intuitive layout to drop these arrows and is a constant point of frustration. Chu Chu Rocket is a VERY fast game, and repeatedly laying down the wrong arrows repeatedly can ruin the fun quickly.


I’m assuming you are reaching to me for some pity with that post Angryface. I am aware that we may not share the same perspective on a few of these titles, but I never insinuated that the opinions expressed by what you had to offer was of any less value to my own. I ‘tactfully’ made an attempt to deliver a differing perspective without ruffling any feathers as I quite like it here, and certainly don’t wish to upset a man named Angryface… :roll:

If it is any concern of yours, as it most certainly seems to be, my reasoning as to why I’ve considered Rockman & Bass a supbar experience(a game I spent oodles of cash importing 5 years ago, and the years since regretting) can be summed up in this wonderful expose posted here.

If you’d like to debate on the subject, I’d be more than willing, just as I would our unique takes on the portable Zelda franchises, but let’s leave the whining on GA shall we?

What about Doom for Gameboy - was that any good ?

i heard that duke nukem and ecks vs sever were!

I finally found a bunch of gb sp for saleat a reasonable price and picked one up. According to EB they won’t get a shipment until June

So Far Have

advance wars

How is YUGIOH DUELIST I HEARD IT WAS GOOD? Is it like the cartoon where i get all sorts of cool cards and play against other cool cards? What about the new Yugioh game?

Why are these people bothering with first person shooters that the GBA was clearly not intended for and overlooking the 2D shooters it so obviously was? Where is Treasure in all this? Did I miss something? Why isn’t there a GBA version of Ikaruga?