Got a gameboy now what?!

DOOM for the GBA sucks in a major way. It’s just not playable with GBA controls – at least, not if you have PC FPS gameplay ingrained in your mind.

I bought Chu Chu Rocket with my GBA and tried it briefly. It was designed for younger reflexes than I have. Once you get to my crusty old age, the reflexes can’t keep up with games like that. (Sigh… At least I’ll always be younger than Jeff Green…)

Hey, anyone tried the GBA port of Wings? The local EB said their computer showed one in stock, but they couldn’t find it anywhere. (We have perhaps the worst EB in the nation, and that’s saying a lot.) Everybody else was out, so I’m probably going to order it. Just wondering if it’s any good.

And hey, has anyone tried the various GBA baseball games? Any of them decent?

I got my GBA SP today. I never did get my Afterburner installed. :-) I even got a slick replacement faceplate that says “Afterburner” and has a built-in dimmer dial. Ah well, I’ll put the whole thing up on eBay and call it a “GBA Afterburner Kit!”