Got My Two Towers Tickets

I just secured two tickets for a noon showing on opening day! I am going for a loooooong lunch that day, so don’t tell Jason or Doug. ;) There are tickets available at two downtown Seattle theaters already (in case anyone else feels the need to act).

Anyone else got tickets yet?

Sierra rented out a theater for the 19th so we all get to go for free, but I’m contemplating going on opening day anyway. There’s something about opening day crowds that make movies great. Hell, even Episode I seemed pretty decent on opening day.

Got 'em. There was going to be a big group of us, around 30 or so, seeing it on opening night. But we’ve all had to seperate and see it at, count this, wait for it, count it… FIVE different times. Instead of one big group of thirty, five groups of six are seeing it at five different times. That just blows.

But I’m seeing it that evening. Can’t wait.

My D&D group and I are going to a 7-hour Hobbit lovefest, my friends. We’re going to the Alamo Drafthouse on the 17th. They’re showing FOTR at 8:45pm, and at midnight they’re gonna show TTT. It’s a good thing they serve beer and have a full menu (not just appetizers).

The drafthouse is a fun place. We’re going to the AD-north, but the real AD is just a single screen downtown. They usually have theme nights. Ie, if they’re showing American Mullet, you pay 1/2 price if you have a mullet. Or if they are having an evening of spaghetti westerns, they make a big batch of spaghetti and meatballs for everyone. Quentin Tarantino screens movies from his private vault there sometimes.

I’m going to a preview screening this Saturday.


Damn, Rywill has me beat.

I just saw my email for the Moviefone/AOL screening at 10pm on the 17th. I put in a (trackable) email address to their contest form when looking for showtime info at, and nearly deleted what I assumed was a “sorry, buy your own ticket” message.

It’s a mixed blessing. My wife wants to go, but a babysitter until 1 or 2 am on a school night is not likely. I am also - tentatively - scheduled to have a soldering iron applied to my nads that morning. I expect to find a way, but will have to get busy.

Lucky guys, both of you. I am glad they decided to release this at Christmas time. I feel like a kid at Christmas! ;)

Are you going to put a few million of the little guys on ice just in case y’all change your minds about more kids later on?

Anyone else following the Filthy Critic’s nephew’s journal as he waits in line for his tickets?
Starting to see some similarities here…

That lends a new twist to the “Daddy, where did I come from?” question.

Answer: A very cold place, son. Very cold.

“I am also - tentatively - scheduled to have a soldering iron applied to my nads that morning. I expect to find a way, but will have to get busy.”

Ha ha – when I had it done it was like that. The doctor used some kind of electric device to solder my sperm canal shut after he cut it. I was shot up with pain killer down there but I could see him touch me with his testicular soldering iron and then see tiny wisps of smoke curling up from where he touched me. “Damn,” I remember thinking. “My nuts are sizzling!”



Damn," I remember thinking. “My nuts are sizzling!”

Ha, that’s what the canibal in the other thread must have been thinking when he sat down to eat his last meal!

Back on topic: I’m buying tickets today for a Tuesday at midnight showing, provided it hasn’t sold out – as of now, it hasn’t. I’m just waiting to see if I need four tickets or just three.



Okay, a lot of the stuff youse guys claimed would happen when I had my kid didn’t come to fruition… My cat still gets lots of attention, managing to work fine in the home office, no sleep deprivation, no bottles… BUT… The “time” thing is definitely a factor now. I did manage to sneak out to see horrible new Star Trek film yesterday, but…

With free time what it is and the need to help my wife out, I’m not going to see LOTR/TTT on opening day. Perhaps not even for a week after release. Hope I don’t lose my geek card.

For one thing, I still gotta find time to watch my special edition DVD first…

Wait a minute… No sleep depravation? You must be doing something wrong. I thought that was a requirement! ;)

But seriously, it’s funny how you can get into a groove no matter what sort of life changes you go though. I am seriously surprised you get all the sleep you need. You must have one of them “good babies” that does a lot of sleeping.

Yep, not to get too far off topic (Tolkein rocks!), but in 11.5 weeks of life, Carter has woken more than once in a night exactly three times since we got him home. So my only sleep deprivation was at the hospital.

He does typically wake up for a feeding sometime between 5 and 7:30 am (occasionally as early as 3), but alas I’m not equipped to help there, so I don’t lose sleep for that. :-)

We got a miracle sleeper. Usually only formula kids sleep through the night this young. Which is one reason I’m not so sure we want to go for a #2. What are the odds of getting two like this?

New pics of the little guy up at, by the way… Which, er, you can browse on your wireless PDA while waiting in line for Two Towers tickets, he said, desperately trying to get back on topic…

Sheesh! You are lucky Denny. As lucky as I was in fact. Maggie slept like that, all night long, and she still does. But I have grave fears for Henry, due on Feb 7th, only because he’s already causing major disruptions. My wife had a smooth pregnancy last time but this time it’s fraught with bleeding (cervical yet non-pregnancy related) and severe (painful) contractions. She’s on bed rest now, no work, which is quite a financial pinch for us and basically means I’m trying to work, take care of her, take care of Maggie, and keep up with the housework. How bad is it? If I kiss my wife, she has a contraction. If she picks up Maggie (30lbs) she has a contraction. If she vaccums… contraction. So she’s on a steady diet of whatever-she-wants-to-eat, sympathy, and Netflix.

Let me just say this: Henry better sleep through the night when he finally gets here, which, scarily, might be sooner rather than later.

In other news, everyone give a shout out to Bernie Dy. His second is due this coming Wednesday. The day I’m choosing to redefine “bed rest” for Linda as “you’re coming with me to see The Two Towers, honey.”

Yikes, Andrew, that’s gotta be stressful…

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