Got Tribunal?

Is anyone else here playing Tribunal? I’m enjoying it, but I’m a little disappointed that there is no land surrounding Mournhold. It’s a little bizarre jumping up on a rooftop and getting the message “You cannot leave the city this way.”

The Journal is an improvement, but since it’s tacked on to the current journal system, it’s a little buggy (it doesn’t mark every old finished quests as completed, just some). The additional quests and overall story is cool, as are the goblins. But quite a few of the quests are bugged; I was a beta-tester for Morrowind’s patches, but I wasn’t selected for Tribunal. I can tell it could have benefitted a little more beta time.

But to follow up on my previous thread about expansion packs, do you think Tribunal is worth the $30 price? I’m happy to support Bethesda, but I’m not sure they’re giving me a full $30 worth of expansion on this one.

Particularly the lack of any land around the city. That just sucks.

I’m not real impressed with it, so far. The new content is alright, but like you said, Mournhold just feels tacked on. The reason they didn’t put it on Morrowind proper was because there’s probably very little geography that a mod somewhere hasn’t claimed.

Is Sotha Sil on the island? I was hoping for more additions to the island, not just slapped out in a void somewhere.

According to my handy Redguard “Pocket Guide to the Empire” (don’t leave home without it!) Sotha Sil is in the southern swamps of Morrowind, which would suggest it’s on the mainland, not on the island of Vvardenfell, which is more or less in the northern part of the region…

One thing I like about Elder Scrolls – its imaginary geography is very thorough.

Sounds like Tribunal isn’t a must-have, though. I may skip this one, or at least wait till I have a little more cash.

Get Arx Fatalis for 10 bux more!

Yeah, I’m getting Arx too. :)

As far as skipping Tribunal, it includes some new scripts and the journal fix (like I said, it has problems, but it beats the hell out of the old system). I’m not sure skipping Tribunal is an option unless they include these two features with every expansion. The journal fix and new scripts should have been in a patch, IMO.

I played it, finished it, enjoyed it enough for what it was, but I can’t say I thought it was good. I agree with a poster on the Morrowind forums who felt that it didn’t play to Morrowind’s strengths because it was so linear and combat oriented; there were really no choices to be made and if there’s one thing the original Morrowind had done well was letting you go about things in just about any way you wanted.

So is it high-level Nerevarine-required, or can any character play this?

If your character is kicking ass all over Vvardenfell, then Tribunal will be a breeze. If you’re still running from kagorti (or whatever those two-legged rhinos are called), then don’t do it.

Levels are a little bit misleading in MW since a mid-level Nord warrior can let loose all kinds of whoop-ass if he has decent items.

I completed Tribunal with a 55 level thief and it was easy enough to be absurd – but that was because my stealth was 120 and all I had to do was crouch and the monsters immediately lost track of me, even if they were two feet from my nose.

A level 55 thief? So what, exactly, do you consider to be mid level or high level.

My Xbox character is not going to work, so if I play Tribunal I’d have to just quickly level up a different character.

The level 55 thief sounds much more impressive than it is. :) I have a level 13 or so Nord that fights just as well. Tribunal would be a challenge for that character; to get through the final fight, I’d say a tough character should be around level 20-25.

But, as I said before, the sneaking made a HUGE difference for me. I could sneak around and take out one monster at a time with a critical hit. Your experience will vary if you only have a fighter-type – but then again, you’ll have many more HP than my little thief with the 35 Endurance.

I played through Tribunal with 3 characters - a maxed out character leveled in the 70s; a character in the 40s and a character that started around level 23. It was doable with all 3, although you couldn’t make any mistakes or act reckless with the low level character. Even the maxed character could be killed by the traps in one dungeon.

Scribs rock.