Gotham - Fox show about Commissioner Gordon holding out until Batman arrives


Just watched last night’s episode. One of the things that I find most interesting about this show is the ambiguity of the time period it takes place in. Mostly it seems to be an analog world (1960’s and 70’s cars, microfiche reading machines), but then they have cell phones (but not smart phones) and the computer monitors in the future Batcave are all flat panels. I love it.


It has its flaws, but I really enjoy the show. I do wish this last episode had more of a build up to the Penguin’s ultimate revenge, though. The Riddler story line seemed to be rushed as well.

But man, the kid playing young Bruce Wayne still knocks it out of the park. I get the real sense of a budding Batman whenever he even speaks.


I’m still watching Gotham, though it felt like a long slog at times, particularly earlier this season. Too much Nigma for my taste, and the whole Mayor Galavant arc just didn’t do much for me. But the last few episodes have felt pretty rewarding. Hugo Strange is great, and the Azrael stuff has been awesome. Particularly last night, when
more fun as a surprise

Butch bazookas his ass to death

. Gotham is uneven, but when it’s good, it’s a whole lot of fun.


I loved the part in the spoiler, especially with the wave at the end.


Great season finale (apart from the return of Fish Mooney, blecch). The semi-final scene in which Bruce reveals his detective obsession for next season, with Alfred’s and Catwoman’s reactions, was priceless.

Penguin is now superb (part of the reason I didn’t like bringing Fish back is because it seems to set Penguin’s story back a bit, where it had been progressing rather well).

The scene with the Riddler and the gas chamber was very Riddler-esque.

The only question is, when is this show going to transition into the best tv Batman thing that’s ever been made?


Lets not make young Master Bruce grow up too fast now, we would miss out on this kid’s excellent portrayal of young Bruce. I have liked a lot about this show, like how they have managed to walk the line between camp and reality with pretty good success, but the one true surprise is their version of Bruce. I thought that role would be the toughest part to pull off well but honestly, they have kind of nailed it.


Can anyone say if a certain someone we saw in the very last scene of the finale is someone from the lore?


Speculation is some kind of Wayne family shenanigans. No surprise that it’s centered around the Court of Owls.


David Mazouz has been the real breakout star of this show. I’d read his part was initially going to be much smaller, but that he did so well in the role that they expanded it a great deal. I, for one, am glad they did.

That final shot in the season finale was fantastically creepy and mysterious.


Great finale, hard to believe this is one of the best comic book shows on TV, after the really meh start of the first season.


Season 3 , who is watching??? 3 episodes in and it is as good as it was last season.

Cobblepot for Mayor!


BTW, isn’t the reporter’s name Vicki Vale, per Batman lore? And what explains Ivy’s transformation? Is that explained in the lore?


Yes, and she’s also supposed to be a redhead rather than Korean. Maybe they just didn’t like the name Vicki, or maybe they’ll later introduce her as a distant cousin or something (perhaps closer in age to Bruce). No complaints from me, Valerie the Korean is just fine.

In the comics, Ivy got turned from normal to poisonous hottie with plant powers when she was assisting with some kind of experimental research on plants. (Exact details differ between eras.) It looks like here they’ve moved that to an accident with weird chemicals from Indian Hill, and added an age increase to the transformation.


I thought the aging thing was caused by the old dude who ages people reaching out and grabbing her ankle for a second as she was running away and fell into the sewer. I also assumed the poisoning ability was caused by something in the sewers. Whether that had anything to do with plants per-se, or if she just happens to be a plant-lover as well, not so clear.


Had no idea this was back. Will have to catch up. Curious how much further this idea can go, however.


I enjoyed the last couple of episodes a lot more than I expected. Really liked what they did with the Mad Hatter - perfect blend of creepy and crazy. Lined him up nicely to come back later even further around the bend, after what happened to Alice. The other threads seemed to be moving a bit slow but I expect will pick up now that the election is over and the Hatter is locked up (for now).


I am wondering how much longer Jim Gordon will not be a cop.



The Penguin loves Riddler thing kinda came out of nowhere, no?


They had a bromance going for a good long time, but the pivot to full-on romance did seem sudden. Not a fan. Gay doesn’t bother me, but this just seems even more contrived than the usual soapy shlock you get on TV.


Gordon is finally a cop again! Only took a quarter of the season! But I wonder how many episodes Barnes has left before he goes all crazy. :)

Sooooo glad The Penguin and Riddler dinner didn’t happen. My guess is they will be come enemies by the end of the season.

How about that amazing resemblance between Isabella and Kristin Kringle!