Gotham - Fox show about Commissioner Gordon holding out until Batman arrives


Riddler isn’t going to be happy after the end of this weeks brake line cutting.

More people need to watch this damn show!


Damn… I didn’t think they could find a way to bring Jerome back, but they did it, and it was glorious!

Also I find myself enjoying Barbara more, its amazing how much her character has changed over the 3 seasons.


The first 2 seasons are up on Netflix. We watched the first episode last night. Gotta say, I was impressed by the tone and editing; echoed The Dark Knight a bit, making it feel like it was grounded in a version of the real world as opposed to being comic-booky. Sitting through another showing of “Bruce Wayne’s Parents Get Shot” was kind of annoying, but I guess it was necessary.

We’ll probably do some binge watching this weekend.


There was a quick “pose” sort of shot of Bruce Wayne last week, after he had his confrontation with Selina, where, and it was a great shot. Sort of from below, with his chin up, and for the first time, you could actually see Batman in him. I’d like to think the director staged it that well.


Yeah that was great, and that he had a block for everything Selina threw at him, without getting aggressive towards her. :)

I also liked that he was one step ahead of the entire situation the entire time.

Also on Reddit it was pointed out that Bruce did his first on screen deep contemplation pose.



Batman Returns:


Don’t get too attached to that. Gotham changes tone about six times in the first season alone.


Yeah, that was exactly the scene. You could see him thinking “Block, block, block…okay, are you done now so we can talk?”


I’m clearly behind on watching, but why do they have to keep killing off Chelsea Spack’s characters, dammit?! Grrr.


Because reasons, @Papageno . :)

Great winter finale , IMDB says the show won’t be back till April 24th , for the final 8 episodes of the season. It’s gonna be a long wait to see what happens to Penguin.


Catching up, I really am enjoying the Ivy / Penguin team, not sure how long it will last.

Season 4 renewal confirmed, so good stuff all in all.


Good finale, a few characters killed off, I think.

Bruce as teenage almost but not Batman!

Hard to keep a villain dead on this show. :p

Also Lee and Jim married IRL!


Just caught up tonight. So glad we’ve got another season on the way–this time with Proto-Batman!


Guess I don’t follow the gossip rags, no idea they were a couple…

Solid show, glad about the renewal.


Finally caught up with this. Can’t believe I’ve sat through 60-odd episodes of it up till now.

It’s still uneven, but with flashes of greatness that keep me hooked - mainly from the great acting, and a wonderful, timeless sense of place.

I think the problem for me is that the seasons usually start off great, with a perfect balance between gothic horror, humour and superheroish/supervillainish shenanigans, and then at some point they jump the shark and the season lumbers on to some sort of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink finale, and loses the delicate balance that makes it great.

Again, it’s that timelessness, the mixture of carefully-observed details (from the pervasive gothic noir, to the very specific flip-top mobile phones, to the 60s Batman automobiles) that gives it a secure overall foundation, and most of the time in the earlier part of a season, they make it work for them, but they lose it towards the end of the season.

I’ve always thought they should make superhero things in that kind of timeless continuum - so for example, the equivalent to Gotham with Superman would be to have an overall sunny vibe, but with a similar mixture of period themes, or with Spider-Man a more 60s vibe. I think superhero things suffer when you pin them down too much to contemporary times, really their home is a mythic “dreamtime”, and that’s what Gotham gets really right re. the Batman mythos.

If they do go the whole Batman hog, it could be the greatest Batman we’ve ever seen - if they can only discipline themselves to keep it “small” and resist the temptation to have these grand finales with all the plotlines scrabbling to reach sketchy resolutions.

But that seems to be a problem with all tv dramas these days.


I’m pretty sure they promised in the beginning that Batman would never appear in the show. But they sure seem to be headed toward having him show up.


Actually thats not quite true. This is from a season one interview.

McKenzie explained that since “Gotham” surrounds events leading up to Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, no one will actually get to see Wayne don the cape until “the last frame of the last shot of the last scene of the last episode of “Gotham,” whatever season that may be.”

So in essence you are correct, while I am sure Bruce will show his Batman like qualities The Batman will only show up at the conclusion of the series.


Well yeah, effectively he became Batman in the final scene this season. Sorta like Daredevil went pretty much the first season with a sock over his head…


I’d hope that the core team behind this transition to doing a Batman series with more or less the same actors and aesthetic.

Might have to change Mazouz, sadly, because although he’s been a great asset to the show, a Batman series would have to pick up much “later” (in the dreamtime) when he’s a more mature hunk of male.


It’s funny you should say that: when the show started, I was convinced he was going to be terrible, the weakest element in the show. I’ve completely turned around on that now, its amazing how the actor has grown into the role and how the role has grown into the actor. I don’t remember which episode it was this season, but I remember turning to my wife and saying “wow, he really did become Batman.”

You are right, of course, that he needs to put on some years.


Season 4 soon! Also Fish is never coming back.