Gotham - Fox show about Commissioner Gordon holding out until Batman arrives


Yeah it was a great episode, characters portrayals are pretty damn spot on by now. I am sad to think this is the final season.


The chopper getting shot down was so obvious before it even happened though. :D


Oh totally about that last thing.


You’d think Penguin would realize by now if anyone is given the chance they will betray him. :D


In the middle of watching last Thursday’s show, so it may answer this question: did Lee Thompson die? Ed Nigma aka the Riddler is clearly still around…


She is around I assume, I don’t think we’ve seen her yet this season. She has a cast photo for this season so…



Thanks. Have you watched the last episode yet?


Yep, all caught up for tonight’s episode.


I’m still expecting Butch to show back up. Let’s face it, nobody ever actually DIES on this show. At least not permanently.


I was 2 behind but caught up now. Ed’s screen time has really gone up, along with the number of times someone could possibly get kidnapped in one episode. :D

Also Lee!!! And well now we got a tease of Bane also and its just all so good.


Seeing the Ventriloquist was pretty cool tonight!


Yeah that was awesome. Overall another good episode.

I would totally watch just a Penguin and Riddler show. :)


I just watched that episode and unfortunately was nodding off through some of it so I clearly missed something–


Why did Jane think her face was messed up? When she took the mask off it looked fine.

Also, since when does Bruce Wayne, scion of the leading family of Gotham City, say “we should have went…” ? Where is the script editor, sheesh.


Not super sure myself, she is one of the characters from the comics I know very little about. Maybe this wiki will help a bit?


I suspect the answer is “she’s nuts.”

On another note: we know from the comics that Commissioner Gordon has a daughter named Barbara–i.e. Batgirl. And now Gordon has a child coming, via Barbara Keane. So presumably a daughter is born, Barbara dies somehow, and Gordon and Leigh name the girl Barbara after her dead mother and raise her together?


Caught up!

Wow was that a quick childbirth, also the baby looked like it was 2x bigger than what Barbara could have been carrying. :D

Bane! And dare I say the best Bane voice so far, I could make out almost every word.

Oh no… Alfred! D:

Looks like we a have a few weeks now before the final 2 episodes.


So is there a point in the comics where Alfred gets a broken back? Along with CatWoman getting her back broken, and the Bane movie giving Batman a broken back, seems we have quite an outbreak of broke.


My favorite character from this serie is the Penguin. A way to understand this serie is “The Penguin origin story”.


Last week’s trailer:

This week’s final trailer:


That’s disappointing.

I wonder if the finale was tacked on at the last minute and she was not available for other reasons?

Because I just watched last week’s episode and it sure as Hell seemed like it could’ve been the finale.

I wasn’t a big fan of them switching actresses for Poison Ivy, this seems worse.

Are they planning some type of Catwoman spinoffs?


No, just a 10 year time jump.