Gotham - Fox show about Commissioner Gordon holding out until Batman arrives


Yeah, I’m finding the Bruce Wayne bits surprisingly more engaging than I initially thought I would, and the Selina bits were cute too.

Just like with the villains, building up the Batman character piece by tiny piece is a good schtick. I guess they just have to pace it so they don’t become too much like the finished characters too quickly. You just want the hints and nascent tendencies really. It’s kind of cool that Batman’s getting his very first lessons in fighting from Alfred with some good old fashioned British boxing lessons (guess Alfred’s meant to be ex-military or something? - he certainly put an armlock on Montoya’s partner the other week :) ).

Penguin is still the main attraction this season though, really well-done character, acting and writing wise, with a sense of over-arching plot on the gangster side developing. But the buddy cop stuff, and the Gordon/Barbara/Montoya triangle are good too.


I think in one of the Batman “revisionist” comics, they explained that Alfred was ex SAS or something. He certainly isn’t the cream puff from the original, golden age comic.


I’m pretty sure I remember reading in some Batman comic or another that Alfred had some special forces training. SAS, maybe. (Edit: Damn you, hepcat, I was typing that!) He was a medic, as I recall, but I’m sure even the medics get enough hand-to-hand training to hold their own. Gotham is probably adopting that background.

I understand what they’re doing with the love triangle, but man, it makes Barbara look like a complete idiot. “I can’t deal with my cop boyfriend and how his job impacts his life. What to do? Ah, I know, I’ll go sleep with my cop ex-girlfriend.” What can possibly go wrong?


Yeah, any sympathy I had for the Barbara character pretty much disappeared after that last episode.


You guys are probably thinking of some incarnation of Earth One Alfred:

And yes. It seems as though Barbara suffers from “TV series MC wife hate,” a fate (apparently) shared by leading ladies in The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad (shows I’ve never seen or interacted w/ the fandoms of much, so I can’t speak to the veracity of all this very well). The internet loathes her; the Gotham subreddit in particular has multiple memes about how Barb always fucks everything up, heh.

I do feel like the writing that lead to her doing what ineffablebob describes up there was just piss-poor. She’s not been great or compelling up to this point, but then again, few people other than Cobblepot and maybe young Bruce have been. But the stinger at the end of this week’s episode was just awful :-/

I wonder if the writing staff will pull an EA and dodge the various complaints about the character by pretending they all stem from homophobes.


I have to agree. That was a cheap and ridiculous way to go about things. But as soon as I hear her voice on the show, I just grab my iPad anyway. As far as I’m concerned, she’s Carlton the Doorman.


Part of the problem with the way Barbara is written is that they’re trying to cram too much of the character into too little space. In the comic book mythos, the Barbara who married Jim Gordon was very much in love and loyal, even with all the issues that come with being the wife of a cop. Until, that is, they had a kid and Jim’s refusal to back away from the crimefighting put their son at risk. Here in the TV show, they’re trying to cram all the “I love you but the job is getting in the way” stuff into a relationship that doesn’t have any real foundation. Had they done an entire first season with a loyal and loving Barbara to build up a foundation, and then in a second season done something to push her into conflict, I think you’d be seeing a very different reaction to the character. None of this has anything to do with the whole lesbian sideline, which is a separate discussion.


I do have to wonder if Gordon is planning on keeping the apartment though. Seems like he’d be getting the better end of the deal anyway.


Gordon isn’t exactly being consistent either. He packed her away on a bus, telling her to get out of the city and never come back, for her own safety. She protested that she wanted to support him. Now she leaves and he’s saying “come back, I need your support,” never mind whether she gets killed.


I didn’t catch that. I thought she just left.


The exact sequence was he put her on a bus, she came back, got nabbed by the mob boss and used to strong-arm Gordon. Then after promising to support him, she left. He got to the apartment and left a message on her phone about needing her support.


Well, all this Barbara stuff got us nowhere…totally missing from this week’s episode. And I have to say, I didn’t really miss her. The assassins were pretty generic; I was hoping they’d drop a hint about being League of Shadows or something. But apparently they were just there to add sexy to the danger…do all female assassins have to wear high heels and skintight leather? Ah well, eye candy is eye candy. The Alfred-Fish bit was kinda interesting, bet that comes back in the form of a “favor request” at some point down the road. Tossing Gordon out of the PD and onto security detail wasn’t something I saw coming, but it makes sense with the “step on all the toes and damn the consequences” approach he’s been taking. Nice to see they’re not allowing that stuff to go by without consequence.


And strangling targets with their thighs, let’s not forget that either. Oh, OK, she didn’t actually thigh-strangle anyone, but the bit with Gordon was kinda close to that trope.

I’ve been enjoying Gotham, and surprisingly, so has my wife. While it’s laced with Batman lore, it’s mostly been a mob crime drama that works on its own. Just as soon as they got away from the goofier things like the Balloon Assassin.

A few nitpicks this episode:

I didn’t buy Alfred talking Fish into talking. She’s not honorable or compassionate, and not all that susceptible to flattery. I don’t see her believing that an Alfred favor is all that valuable either. It’s not like he’s a crime boss, a rich man, or a politician. He’s a butler. NOT a valet.

I didn’t buy assassin woman letting Gordon or Bruce live. She seems murderous enough to kill someone just because they’re a witness.


Alfred controls the kid, a very rich kid. I can see her thinking that’s a guy who can do BIG favors for her. Also, she saw he’s a no f’s are given kind of guy, which is something she can understand. I think the assassin only kills when getting paid, she’s a professional not a psycho! In the Redford movie Three Days of the Condor we see the same concept.

The biggest surprise of the show for me recently is how much I don’t hate the scenes between Bruce and Selina. Instead of annoying me like most kid actors do, it’s kind of fun watching them all the while knowing who they grow up to be.


they specified that Alfred is the legal guardian of Bruce Wayne. Wouldn’t that mean he controls the Wayne family money until Bruce grows up? I don’t know the answer to that, btw, it just made me curious with the way they introduced him.


Morena Baccarin! What a beauty!

Show hits the ground running with a great episode, mostly Gordon dealing with fairly dark Arkham insanity, plus some great gangster stuff.


Yeah, she’s gorgeous. Other great casting coups were of course Chris Heyerdahl and the actress that played his catspaw, whom I don’t think I’d seen since way back when she was a regular on Moonlighting.


Morena has actually become more attractive since her early days in Firefly, and she was gorgeous back then. Glad to see Chris Heyerdahl showing up more on network TV. He has been quite good in pretty much everything Ive seen him in including that really bad Syfy show Sanctuary. He plays a great villain. The only thing Im not liking about Gotham is Barbara Gordon. The whole look we haz lesbians! thing seems so forced and out of place its ridiculous.


OMG No wonder she looked familiar.


I swear to God though, if her daughter from Homeland shows up, I’m punching the screen.