Gotham - Fox show about Commissioner Gordon holding out until Batman arrives


Thought they handled the Red Hood nicely. Sets it up as a sort of urban legend. Should be able to get some mileage out of that in the future if they need it.

Reggie was cool. The training-fight scene was excellent, I thought. The whole thing is a nice bit of character development for Alfred, and his relationship with Bruce.

But then…there was the mob stuff. Fish…the whole takeover-the-basement thing last time was believable, but this week she puts herself in a position of obvious vulnerability, then spoons out an eye to get out of it? Just doesn’t make sense for the character. Sacrifice other people ruthlessly, yeah. Take stupid risks herself, no. Whole thing looks like a setup just to show the eye-squish. And the whole Butch/Penguin drama just doesn’t do anything for me. That whole section of the show was so good before, with all the intrigue and back-stabbing, and now they’ve messed it up. Even the “we need some filler so you don’t forget who these people are” Barbara/Selina thing was better.


Pretty much the same, beyond Fish was an idiot once she gained control of the dungeon. The only decision you make is that she sends everyone to rush the gatekeepers and overwhelm them. Yes, several die, but that close with those numbers set to go on command? Instead, it becomes about posturing, making yourself a standout threat that immediately gets isolated. Why would the people in charge care about what would work out to be a hostage exchange? You make hostage exchanges that involve people the other side value. A grunt lockkeep? That’s gonna guarantee your safety? The character should know that wasn’t going to fly - the writers just fell in love with the idea of showing Fish to be a badass.

Did like Selina’s world weary teenager take on the whole beauty is your weapon thing. That was perfectly in character. Win some, you lose some.


Yep I wondered throughout the whole Fish thing what kind of leverage did she actually think she had. They have the leader of a prison mutiny isolated from the group and they only cost to them is a guard/henchman? How is Fish not immediately gutted for parts? And after she popped out the eye? Why keep her around after that? Fish Mooney is such a poorly written caricature, its almost unbearable. Its all the more glaring because of the excellent work they’ve done with most of the other characters. They really need to kill her off in some ridiculously random way and move on. Then they can give her screen time to Victor Zzazz, who chews up the scenery in a good way.


Ugh, yeah, the Fish scenes are pretty rough at the moment. The whole thing is a little weird, too. So, nice pleasure-ship, supposedly at least a few hours out from Gotham (which is on the sea in this interpretation, which I THINK is standard but it’s been awhile, sorry), heading somewhere, gets hijacked by violent pirates. . . who proceed to kill everyone aboard from the sounds of it, except for the one pretty lady, who they sell to the body parts farm where no one else looks half as nice.

It mostly just felt like “We want to have Fish Mooney commandeer a dungeon poorly, so get us there, dammit!” from the showrunners to the writers, I dunno. It’s one of the least well-written segments of the show by far, and that’s really saying something.


I liked the Barbara/Selina stuff…I wonder if it was a hint towards the Animated Series Catwoman, who was a philanthropist that traveled in the same circles as Wayne (backing animal rights causes, obviously).


The Fish stuff makes no sense.

I assumed she destroyed her own eye, to make herself useless as a donor, since they would not want only one.

But then they give her one…


Nice to see the Penguin being awesome again in that final scene. It’s great when there are lots of good characters in a show, and they can shuffle around in coolness.

Agree with the Fish stuff making no sense - Fiore is pretty good, and I actually quite like Fish, but the scenario, while suitably horrific, is a bit naff as it’s playing out.


Since he took over Fish’s place, Penquin has been kind of a wuss. It was nice to see him get back to his manic roots as it were. I liked the whole “the journey to the dark side starts with one small step” motif they had running. Unfortunately the show is now back in hiatus until April.
Thats one thing I think SHIELD did right this season. They took one long break and filled it with Agent Carter. I get that with 22 -23 episode seasons, youre going to have some weeks off during the season but multiple month long breaks can really break continuity. With SHIELD the break was longer but theres only one ( not counting the christmas break that everyone takes ) and the filler is very much related to the show.


Akkkk-akkkk Burton Batman akkkk-akkkk Burton Mars Attacks, akkkk-akkkk Gotham.

I thought she’d just be playing it with a sexy eye patch - liked the mismatched eye route.


Caught up on the last couple of episodes tonight. They were…ok. I’m not really getting the same suspense vibe and interest in the character development as I did earlier on in the show. I think they spread the net too wide with side stuff like Fish-and-the-Doctor and Nigma’s love crisis, with not enough movement on the parts I find interesting. But I’ll keep watching the last two episodes if the season to see where they go with all of it, and maybe in the second season they’ll tighten it back up.


It is interesting that Penguin has been pure evil the whole show, but both Riddler and Cat have been pretty sympathetic here.

But the last two weeks we’ve seen them start their trips toward evil.


I was keeping myself occupied with other shows that were more interesting to me, but I watched an old DVR’d episode tonight-- the one in which Alfred gets stabbed.
I’m also a bit less into the show than I was before. Just too many choices. On a lark I caught the first two episodes of Daredevil last night-- really great.


Good Finale, IMO.


Cut off one head…wait, no, that’s Marvel.

Enjoyed the first season. But Jack Nicholson had it right: that town needs an enema. :-)


I hope it continues. The episodes are uneven, but the premise is still cool and there are enough good episodes now and then, with the actors being engaging enough, to keep it on the watch list.

It’s the least good of all the superhero stuff in this amazing superhero tv season that’s been, but it’s still fun enough to string you along.


Got around to watching the season finale last week. Decent enough series. I like the Gordon and Bullock performances (is there anything Donal Logue isn’t great in?), as well as those of the kids. And Erin Richards in a miniskirt occasionally isn’t too shabby, either.


Anyone watching the season premiere tonight? I found it funny that it started up with the same song as last night’s Fear the Walking Dead.


Bruce Wayne seems to have grown. What are days for a character are a year for a child actor. :-)

Yeah, enjoyed the episode, but I fear they are veering a bit towards the camp side. I suppose that is inherent in the villains, but at the same time, I do appreciate the ramp up.


Yeah, the kid looks a foot taller and broader in the shoulders too.


I notice that they ramped up the darkness factor and the campy side of things both. I think they have a pretty good balance of showing just how unbalanced the people are in Gotham but they are walking a fine line to do so. I have no problem with a bit of campiness as long as they dont go full on 1960’s camp.