Gotham - Fox show about Commissioner Gordon holding out until Batman arrives


Yeah, I must admit I enjoyed this episode - it’s bigger, bolder, darker, funnier all at once. It’s both more gothic/dark and more 60s Batman at the same time. Looks like the team might be hitting their stride after finding their feet in the first season (if you’ll pardon the dreadful cliches).


Zaardon…with 2 As! Dude stole the show. :)


I think they made a huge mistake in having Gordon commit murder, though. That character is permanently tainted now.


Yeah that was a bit off-putting as was the armed robbery. I kind of look at the “murder” as self defense but the whole sequence completely destroyed any concept of higher moral ground when it comes to Gordon. In fact, with Bullock being the poster child for gray area policemen, Gordon just totally out Bullocked, Bullock. The interesting thing is when he started this journey, he refused to do basically the same thing when ordered to do so with the Penguin, so in a way his higher morality brought him directly to this point. He doesnt kill the Penguin but he ends up killing for him. Its an interesting dilemma because if he had capped Penguin, Cobblepot wouldnt have risen to the top and Gotham would probably be better off because of it.


As far as “things get worse before they can get better” execution goes, they’re doing a fairly decent job with Gotham. Just watched the second episode, and it’s certainly more of the bad. You’d expect that with episode names like “Rise of the Villains” and it’s moving right along in the downward direction. I’m ready for some rays of sunshine, but it looks like we have at least one more episode of the downward spiral coming.


Loved the Penguin. Not so enamored with the Joker. He just doesn’t have the energy or the plain crazy I was expecting. Or maybe I’m thinking of Ledger too much. Well he certainly has the room to grow and evolve. Otherwise really liking the darker look over all.


This is the Joker in training, give him time to evolve. Id be more disappointed if he came out full on Jack Nicholson or something.


He’s doing a great job showing that even at a young age, he had the brains and the ruthlessness that he’ll show the world later on in life. I just wish the actor would dial back the Nicholson a bit and add a little more Ledger to his performance. I always like the Clown Prince of Crime more when he’s less vaudeville.

I think he would need to go quite a bit further if he wanted to “out Bullock” Bullock. The back story on Bullock makes it fairly clear that he began much like Gordon, but that over a rather long period of time, Gotham’s underbelly distorted his sense of right and wrong. Jim is going through that same character arc right now…but I think it’s firming up his resolve to be better, unlike what happened to Bullock. But he’s also reawakened Bullock’s sense of justice and morality. I think it will be interesting to see what happens to their relationship once Bullock finds out that Gordon slipped…even if just that once.


Now I’m wondering why Gordon names his future daughter after his wacko ex.


Maybe they’ll find him another Barbara to marry? And it was adopted daughter in the comics, anyway, so it wasn’t him that named her. I like that they’re doing things that mess with the comics history, though. Much more interesting, not knowing if something that looks like it’s following the comic path will stay that way.


I think the kid’s doing great as the Joker. I mean, let’s face it, the Joker role is licence for any actor to ham it the fuck up and act cur-aay-zeeeee!!! And what actor wouldn’t relish the opportunity to ham it up in such big style? Nicholson did that, Ledger did that, this fellow is doing that, and getting better and more extreme all the time. I particularly like the sprinkling of Agent Smith elements in his approach.

I really like this new season so far. I think in admitting a bit more of the 60s Batman vibe, it’s now got the right balance between “gothic” and “whacky”. That 60s Batman element was there in the first season, but it was overshadowed by the writers perhaps trying to be a bit “serious” for fear of criticism (and perhaps trying too hard to retain Nolanesque elements). Now that it’s about half-and-half, it’s great fun (and the dark side is well in evidence - I mean, burning a bunch of innocent schoolgirls alive in a bus is extremely dark).

The Alfred/Bruce moments are excellent. I love the idea of Bruce going to school for a bit - that would relieve the show of some of the “is he/isn’t he going to become Batman any time soon” tension; and the boy’s a good enough actor to sustain that. Alfred’s scene with Lucius was brilliant, with all that Cockney hard man stuff.


I’m still not entirely certain what being tucked up like a kipper would entail, but I’m also not entirely sure I’d be opposed to Pertwee the Younger doing it to me. . .


Variants involving real kippers seem to be “done up like …” and “stitched up like …”, which refer to being “hung out to dry” like a smoked fish.

But I favour the notion that it’s probably got something to do with “kipper” ties (a 60s thing - big wide ties). In which case perhaps it means he’s going to figuratively “tie him in knots”, i.e. beat him up so badly that his body is contorted with pain.

The criminal mind is fond of these verbal threat amusements. My favourite is the Belfast: “have you ever had to pick up your teeth with broken fingers?”


Loving season 2 , sad about the new commissioner. She was one of my favorites on the show.

The kid they cast as Bruce Wayne grew like a foot since last season!


Woah, WTF? Was that shocking bit tonight faked (I mean, in the fiction, of course).
And Vic Mackey is on next week! Schweet!


I was asking the same question last night. They sure have pulled a fast one on us…


Selina used to be taller than Bruce, and now the heights are reversed (or course, maybe he is standing on a box, but it seems to be a lot of real growth). Though if anything he seems even skinnier (somebody give that kid a sandwich - and some shoulder pads! I dispute that broader in the shoulder assessment).


I have to say, they sure are finding ways to be unpredictable so far this season. Bullock coming back was pretty obvious, and they foreshadowed the “Theo the hero” thing to death, but I certainly didn’t see any warning signs for what they did to Jerome. I liked the byplay between Alfred and Lee, too; a little bone thrown to the comics fans, where for a long time the two of them were implied to be an item.


That was really well done. I honestly had no idea that twist was coming. It’s hard for me to believe this show is that damn good.


The twist kinda killed me, though. I can only hope that we have more performances of that caliber coming our way this season!