Gotham Knights: is the game or the TV show worse?

I didn’t even know there was a TV show!

What the fresh hell is this?

It looks like a CW TV show. Any input on it, have you seen it, trailers, anything? It’s ok for people to make media that doesn’t cater to your tastes.

I started watching this b/c of youse guys here and… it’s OK-ish, at least in the first episode. But I can’t imagine it’s actually any good long term. But I’ll finish this episode.

Oh so it’s not marketing synergy with or based on the game at all?

I know nothing about the game but this seems to be squarely in the CW / DC / Arrowverse-adjacent space, similar to Titans or Doomsday Patrol, but VERY CW.

I watched it for Misha.

So far, it’s not as good as the best of the Arrowverse stuff, but better than the worst of it.

But it was only one episode.