Gothic 2 Night of the Raven: It's Here!

I’m sure I’ll buy it at some point, if I can find it. But I doubt I’ll get further than I did in Gothic 2, considering I reached a point where the only way to beat most enemies was to try and exploit pathing bugs.

Although maybe I’ll cheat this time, just to get to the ending.

Yes. Buy Gothic for a ridiculously inflated sum, and revel in its medieval uber-bleakness.

Blah, after calling around, no one even has Gothic 2 gold in their computers.

Looks like I’m going to be out of luck for a while, since I refuse to give $15USD to ship to Canada.

Stop looking for ways out of getting it, girl.


Go figure. Last time I looked at, it wasn’t actually hooked in to Amazon’s databases, and it took a month to get anything if you ordered from them.

Hopefully this isn’t true this time, since it took my info.

USD$15 to send to Canada? Suddenly the USD$31.99 to send to Australia doesn’t seem so out of whack. Why are there so few good US online stores that ship internationally when there are so many in the UK?

Sweet. Thanks, kids!

It’s only EBGames. Not sure why they are so ridiculously expensive, since I can order from with a delivery fee that rarely exceeds $7.

Yeah, but EB/Gamestop are one of the few that ship internationally. I can order from several places in the UK and have it here in Australia in 3-4 days for ~$8 but if it has to come from the US, I’m limited to EB with their ridiculous $31.99 or the smaller range/slower delivery of DVDBoxOffice (who don’t have Gothic 2 Gold…).

Agreed. I’m interested in this game, but I don’t think it will ever come out locally. And finding a US retailer who ships internationally with decent shipping is like pulling teeth.

So I got my copy from today. Well, yesterday actually, but I got home after the mail place was closed.

Guess fixed their shit.

Went ahead and ordered G2 Gold from today for $19.99 as well (among a couple of…other things). It’ll be a good break, from time-to-time, from playing Civ4, as I mentioned elsewhere.

Received mine and installed today… dunno if I’ll play it right away though. FYI the disc labeled “Disc 4” seems to contain the expansion and must be installed separately after the main game (first 3 discs).

I am not really finding the game any harder than it was before. Though I am not on the new content yet though for the most part – level 5, chapter 1. Probably going to join the Paladins this time.

Am I imagining things, or are bows extra deadly in this version of the game?

Played as a pally the first time two years ago and was wanting to try the mage route, but after reading this thread I’m not so sure that’s the way to go.

I think you should probably play G2 with NotR as a Pally or Merc the first time. Pure mage is considerably harder now. Besides, all the scrolls now cost minimal amounts of mana to cast, and they’ve been made plentiful, so even if you’re not a mage you’ll still be able to play with most of the interesting spells.

Yeah, even at level 5 I am noticing that spells like Rain of Fire or whatever cost like 5 mana. What is the deal with that?

I think they wanted to make magic available to everyone. It’s a more expensive way to cast than using runes, and of course, you only get the single cast per scroll.

This’ll be my secret to finishing gothic 2 this time around:

All the scrolls cost the same amount now, I believe, though I think it’s 15 or something. Really cheap, and I think that’s there to offset the increased difficulty and slower levelling overall.

Hot tip: Speed Potion + Rain of Fire scroll. Also, the better transformation scrolls are awesome.