Gothic 2 - which mods to get?

Somehow I successfully avoided this game up until now but lately I’ve been getting into some of the older RPGs that I’ve missed and this just came up on my radar so I thought I’d give it a shot. Problem is, I don’t really know what to get, I looked over the guide that’s stickied on GOG forums but the renderer seems to be in alpha and the rest of the tweaks the guy’s recommending are kinda “up to you”, ie, community bugfix patch (?!).

So, does anyone have a recent experience with this game? I just need a list of stuff to get, I can figure out the instructions on my own.

Thanks in advance.

I installed this recently. I think I am using the new renderer which in turn requires a big mod called LHiver. Seems to run ok on Win 10, though I’m not far in.

I expect I got the instructions from World of Gothic, the English bit.

Is LHvir part of the renderer mod or the other way around? The link I found made no mention of the mod but I’d probably install it anyway, based on what I’ve read about it. Did you use any reshade fx presets as well?

I don’t know why LHiver was required - it was some earlier mod. Seemed a bit odd to require it but I just followed the instructions. I used no reshades.

I’ve replayed it ca. 1.5 years ago, I think. It’s still a very good game. Still hard and even slower early on in today’s context. I’ve only used the standard renderer and some bugfix pack by the community which I don’t remember. There were no relevant technical issues. As Alistair already posted, World of Gothic is the go-to place. They have all the files and know which ones you need.

If you’ve never played the first 2 Gothics, do yourself a favor and avoid the most common newbie mistake: Don’t just try out the controls on your own. Whatever you want to do, try [LMB + forward], and if that doesn’t do what you want, come here and ask. This will save you a lot of time and frustration, because the controls are simple (and their documentation sucks).

The general advice is that the more you explore and the slower you play, the more fun you’re going to have. Piranha Bytes’ world design rewards careful exploration. You’ll find lots of scrolls. Don’t hesitate to use them.
Critters and humans are usually as dangerous as they look. So if you think you’re outgunned or there’s more than one, just run away and solve one of the other 20 open quests. Death awaits you 3 steps away from the roads, even at the very beginning. So save often and in different slots.
Keep character development focused in the first two chapters. Don’t play a mage on your first run through.

Solid advice, thanks. Are the controls really that arcane? I’ve read a number of posts pointing this out since I started reading up on the game.

On a side note, would you recommend playing G1 before G2?

That’s not necessary. Gothic has “cleaner” game design. You might also say “simpler”. And a wonderful, compact world with a setting I would describe as “fantasy Escape from New York”. You can fly through the world from one end to the other in 10 minutes - and they squeezed 40 hours of content into it.
The learning curve from Gothic to G2 is close to zero, though. The stuff added and the more comfortable controls come natural.