Gothic II cheats

I’d like to move my skills points from one-handed fighting over to two-handed fighting. I’m familiar with the marvin cheat codes, but I haven’t really found anything that’ll let me switch these skills around easily. There was the character helper thing (insert ch) that would let me add training points, but I couldn’t figure out how to subtract the skills points I already invested. That’s probably a bit too much cheating for me, although I may give in. So anyone have any ideas?

I don´t think you can subtract the points. Ask at the RPGot forums. If it can be done somebody over there should know about it.

It shouldn’t make too much difference, since if you raise one, you’re obliged to raise the other in order to continue raising the first past a certain point. If you’re a swordsman, it’ll benefit you to be able to use both types anyway.

Yeah, I’ve heard something about that. Do you know the specifics?

I just started the game myself. I think the way it works is once you hit 30 points in one or two handed you have to raise both at the same time until both are above 30 points. The same thing happens when one hits 60 points as well.

What’s the cheat code to keep some of the the npcs from using Ebonics?

I LOVE the Ebonics-speaking NPC’s.

I just started this last Friday, and I’m really enjoying it, but I was perplexed by the one/two-handed skill training. Another problem I have with it: I want to train two-handed weapons, but there aren’t really any good ones available.

Like Gothic 1, they don’t really start appearing until later on, unless you want to beat someone up for one. Try Sentenza, who’s guarding the entrance to the Merc camp. :twisted:


I had understood that the gold edition of Gothic II, with the English version of the add-on, was supposed to be out (in Europe, via JoWood) c. July, but haven’t seen anything about it and JoWood’s web site is mute on the subject.

Anyone know its status? Thanks!


I think it’s still in the works - I never heard the July date, however - I always thought it was Q4.

Thanks! (I think I ran across the c. July date here, but it was probably just speculation.)


“In the works” means the legal stuff between Atari and JoWooD, I guess. ;)
PB is officially working exclusively on Gothic 3 and on nothing else. They don´t even make a 2nd add-on. Of course their statement explaining the things in the last two sentences was pretty flexible. I counted no less than 3 emergency exits in case somebody makes them an offer they can´t refuse.

My interpretation is that work on TNotR has been finished around October last year. A gold master can be delivered the day the company holding the international rights requests it.

Just get a German version if you´re sick of waiting. The fan translation is reported to work surprisingly well. Lots of positive feedback.

Same exact problem I’m having. The game really does push you towards one-handed weapons during the earlier parts of the game.

Yeah, drag. I don’t think Gold Version will ever come out in North America, so people wanting the English version here will have to buy from an importer like Go-gamer.

Same exact problem I’m having. The game really does push you towards one-handed weapons during the earlier parts of the game.[/quote]

Well I guess it doesn’t matter much, as long as you don’t raise one-handed above 30… it has to be that high to max two-handed anyway.