Gothic, Risen... ELEX


That’s not what I mean. Rather, everything you are expecting already played out in game, during the game at some point. Entire factions can be gone from Dome City by end game (in my game there was an equilibrium of sorts). But you may not necessarily notice it unless you stop back by. It’s certainly a different way to do things.


Perhaps a spoiler thread :/


And done. 100 hours. Probably GOTY just for trying.

Roll on Elex 2: Elexiter.

They probably can’t upgrade their technology much, but they could do a fair amount with better writing or translation (after identifying where the issue actually is there). I’m not sure if the occasional semi-broken dialog is a writing or scripting issue or if some the weaker voice work would also be helped along with better lines. But that’s where they need some personnel changes IMO.

Having played 7 PB games I think exactly none of this will happen :)


I’ve been playing for 10 hours or so. Still at level 5.

  1. Getting one-shotted by everything is discouraging. :(
  2. Not having labels or locations marked on the map (except for teleporters) hurts too. The directions to locate some locations are also missing from the quest log.
  3. I wish the compass also showed the map underneath, instead of just the occasional colored dot.


I like this game a lot, but wow, they outdid themselves on the voice acting this time. I mean, even for Piranha Bytes.


Just realized you can set the current quest as the map marker. Should speed up the game quite a bit, though maybe PB made things too easy for us?


I have been playing this a lot, and really like it. But I have to admit that being out-leveled by critters and having to run all the time is frustrating. :(

I suppose I could set the difficulty to a lower value. (I am playing on Normal or Hard difficulty at the moment.)


The difficulty levels do have sub options, so you could just change the one for ease of getting a combo or something. I felt the same at some points.


The beginning of this game is brutal because of the level stuff, but I love it. It does get a bit frustrating some times, though.


Just started playing this over the long weekend and I’m loving it (long time PB fan, Risen 1 being my favorite). It looks great for a Gothic/Risen game, but man, that voice “acting”. Thankfully there’s a slider to kill the voice volume. Enable subtitles and you are good to go.


It’s not all terrible, unless you hate the main guy. Some of it’s fine!


Who is more boringly manly? Jax or Commander Shepard?


Weapon upgrades will go a very long way. Armor is flat damage reduction. I think this, more than hp pools, is what makes the early game so tough. I really wish they would have given the first level of the melee/ranged attack skills a flat damage bonus. Like +5-10. It would have really helped people.


I’d like to give a shout out to the developers for keeping the tradition of stun lock alive in their games. Grenade launches? Flame throwers? Shooting both through walls while you can’t shoot back, and you get stun locked on the floor until you die? Standard quality gaming.


Just finished this game. An enjoyable game, but the main quest toward the end was kind of dumb, and involved a lot of shooting.


I enjoyed ELEX more than any other recent open world game such as Fallout 4, Shadow of War or AC Origins.

I liked that the world is large but dangerous, that the map isn’t littered with ‘activities’, question marks, special events and whatnot. I liked that you can sneak and steal. I disliked the melee combat at first but I found it passable by the end of the game. The quests were ok, some companions were interesting (particularly the robot).

I didn’t like the ranged combat which is totally unbalanced towards the end. I didn’t like that the game felt clunky sometimes. The heavy sci fi bit, particularly towards the end, was not interesting. They should’ve made ‘futuristic’ technology more mysterious and much harder to acquire/use/understand. In example, the approach of Mark Lawrence in his Broken Empire/Red Queen War books.

Overall, the game is a rough gem but a gem nonetheless of a higher quality than some of the trashy open wolrd RPG’s the industry has been churning out lately.


First big patch - Some sliders to control stamina cost, flamethrower toned down, chasing monsters give up sooner…


Some graphical improvements scattered through there too:

  • Added FXAA T2x and SMAA T2x anti-aliasing techniques
  • Weather and lighting improvements
  • Many mesh and texture reworks and improvements
  • Female body parts now behave correctly during dialogs




Looks like they also added a cooldown on the flamethrower single shot, and nerfed the blast damage from it too. Probably sensible since it was one of the most effective weapons in the game once you got it, and you could stunlock really big, powerful enemies to death with it. If you were travelling with the Cleric companion it was even more cheesy since he carries a flamethrower too.

Oh, and the sunglasses no longer give a massive armour bonus.